Madrid, 12/28/11

While out with Cheryl and Miguel the night before, we made lunch reservations for late afternoon on Wednesday at a restaurant called El Ñeru. They said that this restaurant had the best fabada (an Asturian bean stew) and arroz con leche in town.

Since lunch wasn’t until 3:15 (which we quickly learned is normal for Madrid), we spent the morning wandering around the city. At some point we got tired, so we stopped in a hole in the wall bar around the corner from the restaurant for a drink.

One of the things that I loved about Madrid is that the tapas bars will give you a bite to eat with every drink, even if you are only paying one euro for the wine!

At this particular place, we were given little pieces of tortilla in a garlic sauce and some potatoes with chorizo. Everything was delicious. I was particularly excited about the tortilla – I had never thought of serving tortilla in a sauce.

They also gave us some hardboiled eggs in some kind of vegetable sauce. It was way too much food, but I love getting new ideas. This was such a simple idea but surprisingly delicious.

Now, onto lunch.

We started with an order of bread that they serve with creamy cabrales cheese. I don’t think I need to even describe how good that was.

Next, we all split an order of the blue cheese croquettes. Redundant, but I love croquettes.

I went with the menu del dia and ordered the clam fabada as my first course. I couldn’t believe how huge the plate was! Aside from that, I fell in love with this dish. The beans had a great, creamy texture and the broth was incredibly flavorful. This was my favorite dish so far, until I tried some of Cheryl’s meat fabada. I didn’t get a picture of it, but it was shockingly good.

I had some meat dish as my main course (I think it was beef, but I honestly don’t remember!). It was pretty good, but it couldn’t compete with the fabada.

My mom and I agreed that I would get the flan for dessert and she would get the arroz con leche, and we would just share.

The flan was some of the best I’ve had.

But the arroz con leche with the burnt sugar crust was to die for.

At the end, the waiter came by with shots of this neon yellow liquor. Not a fan.

Anyways, I highly recommend El Neru!

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