Madrid, 12/31/11

New Years Eve!

We made another reservation at La Trucha for New Years Eve lunch. They had so many vegetarian options and more things that we wanted to try, so we wanted to go there with Matt.

We started with the fried eggplant. It was very lightly battered and super crispy.

After we went the last time, my mom was remembering that she used to order the Adobo when she lived there. We ordered it this time and it was amazing. The marinated fish was tangy and a little spicy, and fried until crisp.

We got a small order of the mushrooms, which we didn’t realize had ham in them. Matt also got an order of the patatas pobres, which were basically thin slices of potato cooked in olive oil.

For dessert, we all split an order of flan. I loved it because the caramel was intense and the custard wasn’t too sweet.

We went to Cheryl and Miguel’s for a late New Years Eve dinner (or, normal time in Spain). The tradition apparently is to have a late family dinner that goes until around midnight and then go out to the bars at around 1 or 2. The dinner was a feast. We started with consume with a dash of sherry, then had a first course spread of shrimp (the kind with the heads on, aka the good kind), langostines, foie gras, and asparagus mousse. The main course was roasted lamb, which was so tender it just fell off the bone, and scalloped potatoes. I think Cheryl has pictures of the spread, so I’ll have to post them when I get them.

Matt and I went out to a bunch of bars after dinner, and eventually ended up getting churros and hot chocolate. Yum.

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