When Matt and I decided to buy a truffle for Valentine’s Day, I knew we needed an egg course. We both love eggs and truffles and eggs seem to be a classic combination.

We kind of wanted to go all out with these eggs. I was envisioning some kind of silky, slow-cooked scrambled eggs on toast with shaved truffles on top. Matt found this scrambled egg recipe on Gilt Taste that calls for slow cooking them in a saucepan for about a half hour and using an insane amount of butter. Calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day, right?

Since I wanted all of the ingredients to be top-notch for this simple dish, I got some Plugra European-style butter, which is higher in fat than American butter.

I also got some local farm eggs. I couldn’t ignore the bread either, so I picked up an Iggy’s baguette. Iggy’s bread is the best!

Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Shaved Truffles
Adapted from Gilt Taste, Serves 2

3 large eggs
3 Tbsp. unsalted butter
Salt, to taste
1/5 of a large baguette, cut lengthwise

I read somewhere a long time ago that eggs should be at room temperature before scrambling, so I put them in a bowl of room temperature water about 15 minutes before cooking.

Once there’re at room temperature, break them into a bowl and add some salt. Pour them into a small saucepan over low heat and keep stirring. Add the butter little by little, continuing to stir for about a half hour. Meanwhile, toast the baguette slices.

The eggs will be runny and almost custard like when they’re finished. Divide among the bread slides.

Shave, or grate, some of the truffle on top.

I was a little skeptical about the amount of butter at first, but I ended up being completely wowed by this recipe. The truffle shavings took it to a whole new level. It didn’t overpower the eggs at all; it just gave them a rich depth of flavor and an amazing aroma. Next time I buy a truffle (haha), I will be making this!

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