While it may not feel like it in Chicago quite yet, SPRING is officially here. Among other things, this means that it’s time to bring on the warm weather food! I like to get a lot of my cooking for the week done on Sunday night because – despite what it might seem like – [read more →]

Impulse Shopping

Like most girls, I am very prone to impulse buying. Food shopping is no exception; I usually have to be pulled away from the truffle section of Di Bruno, my favorite food store in Philadelphia, so I don’t make ridiculous purchases. I think I’ve actually saved a lot money since I moved from Philadelphia because [read more →]

I LOVE brussels sprouts. I’m convinced that people who don’t like them just haven’t had them prepared correctly. I think this about a lot of foods, but I can discuss another time in different post… I’ve made it a personal mission recently to get people to like them. I was out to dinner with my [read more →]

After much anticipation…

I’m finally following through with the blog I created months ago! For those that don’t know me, I am a little bit (ok, very) obsessed with everything food-related. I love to cook, watch the food network, dine out, and read up on everything having to do with food. I often wonder why I opted for [read more →]

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