The Boston Sail Loft

Fish and ChipsI had grand plans to go on a whale watch* for my birthday the other weekend. As it always happens when you make weather-dependent plans, the weather did not cooperate. Matt thinks it’s for the best.

*I know Boston whale watches are supposed to be for tourists, but for me they never get old.

In lieu of a real backup plan, we headed down to the waterfront to at least get some lunch. I rarely leave the Cambridge/Somerville neck of the woods, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to wander around downtown for a change. Being down there reminds me of coming into the city with my parents as a kid, and that always reminds me of the Boston Sail Loft.

The Boston Sail Loft is divey looking restaurant by the North End that literally sits on a dock over the harbor. My mom’s best friend used to work right down the street from the Sail Loft, so it seemed like we always ended up there when we ventured into the city. I have wonderful memories of their thick chowder and enormous plates of fried seafood, all eaten literally right on the water.

So I thought…if we can’t get on a boat, we should at least eat on a dock!

Clam Chowder

I wasn’t going to come to the Sail Loft without starting with a mug of Clam Chowder. The thick chowder, spilling over the edges of the mug, had a distinct flavor that I remembered and still love: it’s loaded with dill! And I actually don’t really like dill, but it somehow works well in this chowder. While I’ve grown to love lighter, more subtle versions over the years, I’ll always enjoy this thick, rich version every once in awhile.

I ordered the Fish and Chips, boldly described as “Boston’s Best” on the menu. I haven’t tried enough fish and chips to make that call, but the fish itself was excellent: lightly breaded, perfectly cooked, and surprisingly not too heavy tasting. The fries were nothing special (and I don’t think they were supposed to be the star of the plate anyways).

Broiled Fresh Scrod

Katie ordered the Broiled Fresh Scrod. Like the fish and chips, the fish was moist and flaky, and the buttery crumb topping was delicious. The mashed potatoes on the side were a little heavy though, and the side of what I think was squash tasted like pie filling in kind of an odd, unexpected way.

It was a lot of fun going back to a place I grew up loving, and – between the fresh fish, laid back vibe, and beautiful views – I think the Sail Loft is worth a visit if you’re in the area. It’s definitely a hidden gem among the touristy restaurants by Boston’s waterfront.

The Boston Sail Loft
80 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02110
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