Boston Strong

Boston Strong

I know I’ve been kind of absent lately. I didn’t really know what to say after the Boston Marathon bombings, and my regular posts seemed not so important anymore.

I was lucky – I wasn’t there, and my mom was watching two miles away from the finish line and was evacuated right away before even realizing what had happened. No one I know was directly impacted.

Still, I couldn’t help but thinking about the what-ifs. If I hadn’t had so much cooking to do that week, I probably would have been there. If I had been running the marathon, something I would love to do someday, my friends and family would have been right there at the finish line. The victims were cheering on their family and friends, taking part in what was supposed to be such a happy day. It breaks my heart.

Right before I was headed to bed on Thursday night, I heard about the MIT shooting. I ended up staying up all night listening to the police scanner, hearing everything going down just a town over. I just couldn’t believe something like this could happen in our community.

When the suspects’ names were released, my mom was shocked to realize he was one of her students. By all accounts, including hers, he seemed like a completely normal kid. I can’t wrap my mind around what could make someone snap like that. I guess I’m still sad, shocked, and confused.

But on a happier note, I just want to take this opportunity to thank law enforcement and everyone else who risked their lives to protect us last week. I’m so proud of this city.

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