Brunch at Church (the restaurant)

The Angel Michael

I spent last Saturday afternoon at Church brunching with some fellow Boston foodies. I was impressed by the space, noticing the exposed brick at the bar and the comfortable couches where some parties were brunching.

I had already heard great things about Church’s cocktail menu, so I immediately ordered one of their bloody marys. I went with The Angel Michael, which was made with house-made vegetable infused vodka and was supposed to be served with a spicy string bean. I was pleased with the spice level, but they must have either forgotten the string bean or run out.

After settling in with our drinks, Chef John Rush offered to bring out a variety of food so that we could all sample a little bit of everything.

Please note that all food was complimentary, but the opinions are my own.

Shrimp Vermicelli

The Poached Shrimp with Vermicelli had wonderful spicy kick and the shrimp were perfectly cooked, but it was otherwise lacking in flavor. I think it needed a little more citrus to balance out the heat.


The Skillet Cornbread was a little too dry and crumbly for my taste.

Huevos Rancheros

The Huevos Rancheros featured Mexican chorizo, black beans, and pico de gallo. While the flavor combination was great and the I liked the presentation, I was hoping the eggs would be less cooked through.

Buttermilk Flapjacks

The Buttermilk Flapjacks were a sugar bomb with roasted apples, candied walnuts, maple syrup, and whipped cream. I liked all of the toppings, but I thought the flapjacks themselves were too dense and gummy.

Toad in a Hole French Toast

The “Toad in a Hole” French Toast was also very sweet, though much more successful than the flapjacks. The thickly cut bread was fluffy, and the sweetness was balanced out by the crispy bacon and poached egg (which was nicely runny).


The Moussaka was a dish was eggplant and lamb covered with a rich bechamel sauce. I normally love Moussaka, but this version just didn’t do it for me. I thought it needed more seasoning and it was a little too oily.

Pan Fried Pierogies

The Pan Fried Pierogies were definitely a success. They had a cheddar and chive filling and were served over a sweet onion relish. The dough tasted light and crisp, and the savory filling and sweet relish went well together.

Dessert Cocktail

We were given small dessert cocktails, made with Spicebox whiskey, maple liquor, and Godiva white chocolate liquor, to cap off our meal. While I wouldn’t normally order a drink this sweet, the sweetness was actually nicely balanced with the kick from the whiskey.

Ginger Toffee Cake

The chef also offered to bring out some desserts for us to try. The first (and my personal favorite) was the Ginger Toffee Cake. It was intensely sweet though, and I could only eat a couple of bites.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

I expect Flourless Chocolate Cake to be dense and fudge-like, but I thought this version was too sweet.

Roasted Apple Empanada

The Roasted Apple Empanada was tasty, but not a stand-out.

Sorbet Sampler

The Sorbet Sampler had three sorbets: apple cider, concord grape, and pear. They were all a little too sweet for me.

So, there were some hits and misses at Church (ok, maybe more misses than hits). If I was in the area, I might come back for a cocktail and some pierogies. I’d also be curious to try some of their more savory offerings.

69 Kilmarnock St
Boston, MA 02215
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