Brunch: Biscuits and Eggs

Matt took an overnight bus from New York last Saturday, so I made us brunch while he caught up on some sleep: scrambled eggs with chives, homemade biscuits with pepper jelly, and sliced heirloom tomatoes that my neighbor gave us from her garden. I also may have felt a little bad for being too tired and cranky to pick him up from the T at 6am 🙂

When I was living in New York, Matt and I got a little tired of the over-priced brunch options by my apartment. Instead, we started getting take-out biscuits from Northern Spy – which has biscuits to die for, but an otherwise mediocre brunch – and making scrambled eggs with chives. Since I’m no longer around the corner from Nothern Spy, I thought why not make my own?

It turns out biscuits are really easy to make. I’m sure it will take a lot of practice to make them as good as Northern Spy’s, but mine were passable. I used Alton Brown’s Southern Biscuit recipe, but upped the butter and shortening by a couple of tablespoons. I might even add some more the next time (Shhh).

I’m kind of a stickler about scrambled eggs. Too many restaurants overcook them or add too many unnecessary ingredients. I used six eggs, a drop of milk, and about a tablespoon of butter for this batch. I heat the butter on medium-low and added the eggs while stirring with a spatula. I think the key is to keep stirring them and to not let the heat creep up too much. Browned scrambled eggs are the worst! I turn off the heat just shy of them done and stir in some chopped chives. They finish cooking after you take them off the heat, at which point I add some more chives on top.

The only thing that was missing was some Bloody Marys. Next time!

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