Brunch at M3

Chicken & WafflesEveryone knows I love to brunch, which is why I was so happy when M3 opened right down the street from me in Davis Square. Not only do I love having another brunch option, they even offer a Saturday brunch. (Which, in my opinion, is really more difficult to find in Boston than it should be. But I digress.)

The name M3 is a play on the classic Southern “meat and three,” but the menu goes much beyond that. The already extensive printed brunch menu is supplemented by specials posted all over the walls, including multiple kinds of homemade pickles, pastries, and fried snacks.

We had to wait around 30 minutes for a table at prime brunch time, allowing us to fully peruse the menu options. There’s a small bar to stand at along the wall of the small space, perfect for ordering some drinks and snacks while waiting.

Wine Cocktail

I got the Wine Cocktail, which had red wine, prosecco, and pineapple juice. I’m glad I didn’t think too much at the time about how weird the combination sounds because it tasted incredibly refreshing and not too sweet – kind of like a less sweet version of sangria. Matt also gave the bloody mary a rave review.

We ordered a round of Biscuits with Apple Butter while we waited. The biscuits were not flaky like I think a good biscuit should be, and actually reminded me more of scones.

We also couldn’t help but order the Fried Pickles, and thank goodness we did. Thinking about these still makes my mouth water. They were lightly fried with a paper-thin batter, allowing the pickle to retain all of its juiciness and tang. And of course, the homemade ranch for dripping was a welcome addition.

When our table was ready, our waitress spent some time explaining the ins and outs of the brunch menu. How confusing could a menu be, I thought? Well, the hash section of the menu was quite confusing. It was set up as sort of a mix and match, but it wasn’t clear what went with what.

I wound up with the Root Vegetable Hash with Over-Easy Eggs and Venison and Blueberry Sausage. I was expecting a nice mix of root vegetables, so I was a little disappointed when it had mostly fingerling potatoes with small bits of carrot and parsnip. The eggs were nicely cooked, and the runny eggs over the hash did make for some tasty bites. I was not a fan of the sausage; it was dry, and something about the flavor was muddy and off-putting to me.

Eggs & Hash

Matt also got the Root Vegetable Hash, but with a Johnny Cake and Sunny Side Up Eggs. The johnny cake was basically a fried grit cake and didn’t have a lot of flavor on its own, but the runny egg seemed to have improved the situation.

Chicken Salad Club

Katie ordered the Chicken Salad Club with pulled chicken, macadamias, grapes, apple cinnamon bacon, and lime garlic chili fries. She enjoyed the chicken salad and said the bread had a nice sourdough flavor. We all, however, agreed that the fries tasted a bit stale and didn’t love the flavor combination.

My mom ordered what was probably the best dish (aside from the fried pickle appetizer) – the Chicken & Waffles with unclipped wings, cherry waffles, and apple butter syrup. The fried chicken was excellent: well-seasoned, crispy, and incredibly moist. The waffle, though, was a little soggy. A little more crispiness would have improved the entire dish.

Overall, a lot of the food we had at M3 was far from perfect, but I am glad to have them in the neighborhood so I can at least go back for the fried pickles. (I’ve also heard great things about the fried cheese curds.) I hope they can work out some of the kinks because I think their food does have potential.

What are your favorite Southern restaurants? Have you tried M3?

Davis Square
382 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA 02144
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  • greenthyme

    I love hearing about all your eating adventures and I’m glad you at least got some good fried pickles out of the deal. Still have to try Posto!

  • DeliciousDish

    It sounds like they still need to work some things out but showed some promise. I love fried pickles and will have to try them there. I also think there is a lack of good Saturday brunch spots in the Boston area. We would always go to Henrietta’s table before 10 am for breakfast.

  • Elizabeth

    Disappointing about the root veg hash, I would totally have gotten that. I’d love to try the biscuits

  • Simply Life

    I’ve never had a fried pickle – now you’ve made me intrigued!

  • yummychunklet

    Everything looks fantastic!

  • Dara Reppucci

    Saturday brunch? I am so there. Have you been to the Bearded Pig yet? Went last week it was sooo good.

    • Colleen

      Ohh I haven’t tried the Bearded Pig yet. Glad to hear it’s good!

  • Sacha

    I ate dinner at M3, not brunch, but felt very much the same. I do like the “diner-style” look to some of your plates. I had the hash at dinner (I didn’t even have parsnips in mine) and the fries and had the same issues. The place is adorable, though.

  • Emily

    The food looks great, but it’s too bad your experience wasn’t great. I’m glad they were able to nail the biscuits!

  • Joanne @ Eats Well WIth Others

    All of the dishes sound so tasty that it’s so sad they don’t quite live up to expectations! Maybe next time it’ll be better!!

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