The Best Things I Ate in New Orleans

Now that it’s Mardi Gras week, I figured it would be a good time to finally talk about my New Orleans trip last month. Matt and I joined my mom and several of her friends for a big trip to celebrate a friend’s mother’s 100th birthday party (crazy, right?). I had never been to New [read more →]

Just a typical Saturday, foraging for food in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. With a man who calls himself “Wildman.” “Wildman” Steve Brill (he answered the phone like that, by the way) offers tours all around the NYC area, including Prospect Park and Central Park. Judging by the size of our tour, he has gained quite the [read more →]

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day comes at an odd time this year, as yesterday was the third anniversary of my dad passing away. My mom and I spent the weekend honoring his memory…and food was a big part of it. Spanish food, specifically. My parents lived in Spain for many years before having me, so cooking Spanish food [read more →]

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mine was filled with lots of good eats… Matt and I started a sourdough starter recently and used it for the first time in a Sourdough Pizza. We used Serious Eats’ dough recipe and combined it with their vodka sauce pizza recipe. The sourdough flavor was [read more →]

IPA Beer-Off

A few weeks ago, my friend Katie hosted a beer-off. This is seriously something we have talked about doing for years, and once we started living in the same city there was no excuse to put it off any longer. We wanted to essentially do a blind tasting of several beers, make tasting notes, and [read more →]

I have always loved menu planning, so turning that into an actual job has been absolutely incredible. Since I’ve started catering, it’s been an extra treat to plan a menu that I actually get to eat! My mom and I are hosting Easter this year for some of our family and we got together last [read more →]

Christmas Eve 2012

Happy (belated) holidays, everyone! In my family, Christmas eve is always spent with friends and Christmas day with family. My parents always hosted Christmas eve, so my mom and I wanted to keep that tradition alive even though we were away during the holidays last year. I was excited to do all of the menu [read more →]

I Quit My Job

Monday was my last day at my consulting job. I started my job two weeks after graduating college in 2006 and quickly realized it was not the type of work I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. Still, I was lucky to have a steady job and I didn’t know what [read more →]

Featured Friday on Momma’s Meals

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited to be a featured co-host with Tammi from the blog Momma’s Meals today. Every Friday, she asks someone new to co-host with her. She chooses a recipe from their site, makes it herself and her family, and posts all about it. Be sure to check it out! And have [read more →]

Happy Mother’s Day

My mom and I look notoriously awkward in pictures. I swear though, we always have a lot of fun together. Mother’s day had to come a little early for my mom this year because I had to catch a flight for work this afternoon. I cooked dinner for her last night (which I will hopefully [read more →]

Sick Days

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the past several days. It started off as a fever and turned into a minor health scare, but now I’m okay. It turns out I had a minor fever and a major case of hypochondria. While I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging, I’ve been [read more →]

Mushroom Foraging

Matt went to the Boston Mycological Club’s mushroom foraging classes last month and now we’re both becoming mushroom nerds. I couldn’t go to the classes because of my work travel schedule, but we both went on one of their foraging walks last Sunday. This one was held in the Cormier Woods in Uxbridge, a little [read more →]

My New Canon Rebel T3 (and some tapas)

I finally bought a new camera! After a lot of research, I chose the Canon Rebel T3, with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. I made some Spanish tapas on Sunday so I could play around with my new toy. I tried to make things that were okay to not serve piping hot, since I knew [read more →]

Quick Update

I know it’s been awhile (again) since I’ve written, so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to. First of all, Matt and I moved to an apartment in Davis Square. We’re just about settled in finally and loving the area so far. I have also been volunteering on the weekends at Bondir, [read more →]

I’ve Moved!

I finally made the move to New York! I know that an update is way overdue, but I have been crazy busy and basically without kitchen for the past month. I recently got an apartment in the East Village with my good friend Jess from college and am absolutely loving it so far. The food [read more →]

Well – I didn’t win, but had an incredible day at the finals. They were held last Thursday at the Bon Appétit Supper Club and Café in New York City, which is a “pop-up” restaurant that’s held in a different location for one week every year. They have chef demos during the day and feature [read more →]

And the winner is…

I won the Santa Margherita Great Taste Chicago Challenge! I’ll be heading to NYC in about a month to compete in the Finals. I’ll try to give a little rundown of how the night went… When Katie and I arrived at the Signature Room at 5:30, we were turned down and told the event doesn’t [read more →]

Santa Margherita Great Taste Challenge

I entered the Santa Margherita Great Taste Challenge on a whim last week with my Seared Scallops with Pappardelle and Saffron Sauce recipe that I posted back in March. The contest asked for a recipe that would pair well with one of their three wines: Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, and Chianti. I thought the richness of [read more →]

Impulse Shopping

Like most girls, I am very prone to impulse buying. Food shopping is no exception; I usually have to be pulled away from the truffle section of Di Bruno, my favorite food store in Philadelphia, so I don’t make ridiculous purchases. I think I’ve actually saved a lot money since I moved from Philadelphia because [read more →]

After much anticipation…

I’m finally following through with the blog I created months ago! For those that don’t know me, I am a little bit (ok, very) obsessed with everything food-related. I love to cook, watch the food network, dine out, and read up on everything having to do with food. I often wonder why I opted for [read more →]

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