The Best Things I Ate in New Orleans

Now that it’s Mardi Gras week, I figured it would be a good time to finally talk about my New Orleans trip last month. Matt and I joined my mom and several of her friends for a big trip to celebrate a friend’s mother’s 100th birthday party (crazy, right?). I had never been to New [read more →]

Philly Eats: Matyson

I know it’s a little after the fact, but I didn’t want to leave out the best meal we had all weekend in Philly during marathon weekend. Matyson, another small BYOB, was one of my favorites when I lived in Philly. While the food can get a little pricey, I remember loving everything I had [read more →]

Philly Eats: Osteria

First of all, thank you so much for all of your nice comments on my last couple of posts! It has been a busy, but exciting past few weeks. I never even got a chance to write out the food we ate during Philly Marathon weekend. Knowing we would probably want Italian food the night [read more →]

Zingerman’s Tour de Food

Matt and I traveled to Ann Arbor, MI to visit his family last weekend, and while the family visit was the first priority, we had a pretty serious food itinerary as well. Zingerman’s is an Ann Arbor institution that Matt got me hooked on when I first visited his hometown a couple of years ago. [read more →]

My Favorite Spots in Somerville

Since I just moved, I thought it would be fun to put together some of my favorite spots in Somerville from my two years there. That’s not to say I won’t be going back to these places, ever – after all, Cambridge is just next door. I just know Matt and I definitely stuck to [read more →]

Union Square Donuts

The thought of a maple bacon donut got me out of bed and to Union Square bright and early on Saturday morning. Union Square Donuts just opened in February, and its random location next to the highway on the east side of Union Square and lack of seating don’t seem to be deterring anyone. It [read more →]

Who Makes the Best Banh Mi in Boston?

Matt is still interviewing for and waiting to hear from medical schools, meaning we basically don’t know where we will be living in the fall. We could be New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia…or we could also end up staying in Boston. Because we just don’t know, we’re making a concerted effort get out of our [read more →]

Because I have such a hard time getting out to exercise in the winter months, I signed up for the Hyannis Half Marathon for motivation. Matt reluctantly agreed to sign up with me, even though he (understandably) wasn’t thrilled about running a winter race. Yesterday wasn’t exactly the miraculous 50-something degree and sunny race-day I [read more →]

DooWee & Rice

I opened up the fridge a couple nights ago to find absolutely nothing, giving Matt and I a perfect excuse to head down the street to finally try DooWee & Rice. This tiny restaurant opened a few months ago in Powderhouse square, conveniently a block from our apartment. Though I hear DooWee & Rice described [read more →]

Nemo, and Brunch at Olde Magoun’s Saloon

Matt and I started getting a little stir-crazy when it became apparent on Friday night that going out wasn’t really an option. Now, I normally love staying in and cooking – especially on cold nights – but something about the thought of not being able to go anywhere made us both absolutely want to go [read more →]

Rino’s Place

Matt and I have talked about going to Rino’s ever since we moved to Boston, but hearing about the long wait kept us away until last week. (I blame you, Guy Fieri.) We went on a Friday for lunch, thinking there would be no wait. Of course we were wrong…we still had to wait an [read more →]

Chez Henri

I have a rule that I’ll only buy a Groupon (or similar deal) if its for a restaurant I actually wanted to try before seeing the deal. That doesn’t happen very often, so I jumped at the Chez Henri deal offered over the summer. Their French-Cuban menu always intrigued me, and I had been dying [read more →]

Brunch at Church (the restaurant)

I spent last Saturday afternoon at Church brunching with some fellow Boston foodies. I was impressed by the space, noticing the exposed brick at the bar and the comfortable couches where some parties were brunching. I had already heard great things about Church’s cocktail menu, so I immediately ordered one of their bloody marys. I [read more →]

Lone Star Taco Bar

Yesterday I tried Lone Star Taco Bar‘s new weekday brunch with the Boston Brunchers. I had been to Lone Star Taco Bar once before, just a couple of months ago, but had a strange experience. It was a Saturday night and the wait was probably twice as long as the hour they told us it [read more →]

Ball Square Cafe

Those familiar with Ball Square in Somerville might have heard of the Sound Bites vs. Ball Square Cafe breakfast rivalry. There is a deep rooted animosity between the two restaurant owners. The abbreviated version goes something like this… Sound Bites existed long before Ball Square Cafe. The landlord renting out the space to Sound Bites [read more →]

Zuppardi’s Apizza

Trying New Haven style pizza has been on my list for quite some time. It seemed easy enough to knock off the list since it’s on the way to New York City and I tend to go there about once a month…except that lately I’ve been traveling by bus. If only BoltBus stopped for New [read more →]

Audrey Claire

Audrey Claire is another one of those BYOBs that was a favorite of mine when I lived in Philly. I remembered the food as both comforting and elegant, with a Mediterranean flare. It’s a little classier than some of our college haunts, but not at all pretentious. We decided on dinner here the night of [read more →]


Amada is one of Jose Garces’ many restaurants that are sort of taking over the Philadelphia dining scene. Considering I’ve had nothing but superb food at every one of his restaurants I’ve tried, he can open as many restaurants as he likes. Not that he needs my permission. I never actually ate a full meal [read more →]

La Viola

If you’ve ever been to Philadelphia, you might have noticed the popularity of BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants. What’s amazing is that there are some very high end places without liquor licenses, making fine dining in Philadelphia quite affordable (that is, if you’re a wine drinker like me). I now appreciate the fancy places, [read more →]

East Cambridge Smoke This Rib Fest 2012

Sunday was my first time attending East Cambridge’s Smoke This Rib Fest. The impressive event, now in it’s third year running, pulled together over 20 local restaurants for a massive outdoor rib competition. Ribs and other food samples were available for purchase a la carte, but a $20 tasting ticket got you ten rib samples [read more →]

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