Area Four

I finally made it to Area Four after hearing and reading so many good things about it. I was super intrigued by their pizza dough being made with sourdough starter and their Woodstone oven with three separate heat sources, but would it live up to my beloved Posto? I went in knowing that this wouldn’t [read more →]

I recently had the pleasure of brunching at B Street in Newton with the Boston Brunchers. While I was certainly expecting a tasty meal, I had no idea how much of a treat we were in for. I noticed when I arrived that the atmosphere was cozy and inviting, and the staff couldn’t have been [read more →]

I (reluctantly) rolled out of bed bright and early last Sunday morning to run the B.A.A. 10K, the middle race in the B.A.A. Distance Medley. This was my first official 10K race ever, and I was actually really looking forward to it. (That is, up until my alarm went off at 5:45am.) I had been [read more →]

Green Street Grill

I first tried Green Street Grill probably 3-4 years ago, and the only thing I remember was that my food was way too salty (and I never complain of that). Luckily it seems as if things have changed. I’ve been hearing great things about both their food and their drinks, so I headed there on [read more →]

Santarpio’s Pizza

One good thing about traveling as much as I do is that I get to Santarpio’s Pizza often. Santarpio’s is in East Boston, literally next to the airport. When I fly out for work on Sunday nights, it’s almost too easy to stop in for some pizza before my flight. Santarpio’s is one of those [read more →]

I became hooked on running after the B.A.A. Half Marathon last fall. Training for it was at times torturous, and I even regretted signing up at some points. I could barely run two miles at the time I started. Once I finally built up my endurance and made it through those long training runs, the [read more →]

Desfina Restaurant

Desfina is a cozy little family-owned Greek restaurant tucked into the residential part of East Cambridge. It’s also right down the street from my mom’s house, and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to go there. My mom tried it for the first time with some friends last week and raved about [read more →]

Sunday Brunching: Highland Kitchen

Brunch with live bluegrass music? Yes, please. I’m so glad to have discovered Highland Kitchen‘s brunch. The live music is a plus, but the food is just as good as the atmosphere. We’ve been a few times and have really enjoyed everything we’ve tried. Their southern inspired menu has a mix of breakfast and lunch [read more →]

The Painted Burro

I was ecstatic when I first heard that the owners of Posto had a Mexican restaurant in Davis Square in the works. They do wonders with pizza, so I couldn’t wait to see what they would do with Mexican food (and margaritas, of course). I finally made it to The Painted Burro on Tuesday, about [read more →]

St. Patrick’s Day at O’Connor’s

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, probably second only to Thanksgiving (for obvious reasons). As a kid, I celebrated with my parents at our friends Claire and Brendan’s restaurant, O’Connor’s, in Worcester. There were always multiple Irish bands, so it was fun even though I was too young to drink! Now that [read more →]

Sunday Brunching: Posto

Another Sunday, another brunch at Posto. I’ve written about Posto’s pizza before, but not their brunch that I love so dearly. Their menu has great mix of breakfast and lunch items, including some of their incredible pizzas. They also offer a brunch special for $14.95 that includes a cinnamon roll, a glass of orange juice, [read more →]

Tapas at Toro

Whenever I talk to anyone about tapas in the Boston area, Toro seems to come up as the place to go. Toro is a collaboration between Boston-super-chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette – can’t go too wrong with that, right? Matt and I went with our friends Jenn and Andrew on Saturday night, and we [read more →]

Cutty’s – The best sandwiches in Boston?

I finally knocked Cutty’s off of my never-ending list of places I need to try in Boston. The problem is that when I find places I love, I keep going back to them and wind up not trying new places. Maybe it’s good that getting to Cutty’s is kind of a trek from Davis.   [read more →]

Dali Restaurant and Tapas Bar

I started going to Dali Restaurant years ago with my parents when they first moved to the neighborhood. I always thought it was maybe a little overpriced, but consistently good. And we are picky about Spanish food! We even used to try to replicate some of their dishes at home. My mom recently dug up [read more →]

Backbar and Journeyman

Last night Matt and I checked out Backbar, a new cocktail bar in Union Square. With Saloon open in Davis, and now Backbar, Somerville actually kind of has a craft cocktail scene now! The space is small but very open. We made sure we got there early to get a seat at the bar. I [read more →]

Matt and I started off our Superbowl Sunday by running the Super Sunday 5-mile race. I somehow got Matt to agree to this even though he had just taken an overnight bus back from NYC. I was also feeling pretty tired since I picked him up at South Station at 5am, so I’m shocked to [read more →]

Before I had ever tried Pini’s pizza, Matt and I drove by it all the time and inevitably one of us would shout out Piiini’s Pizza in a thick, fake Italian accent. We are both very classy. We still laugh at the name, but we actually love their pizza. It’s now our go to non-fancy [read more →]

Restaurants: Foundry on Elm

I’ve always have high hopes for Foundry on Elm. It’s so close to my apartment and always has great drinks. The food, however…I want to like it, but it’s usually disappointing. I recently heard they got a new chef though, so Katie and I went for brunch when she visited from San Francisco last weekend. [read more →]

Restaurants: Tu Y Yo

Tu Y Yo is a little Mexican restaurant in Powderhouse Square, but it’s definitely not your standard chips and salsa and margaritas the size of your head kind of joint. In fact, they don’t serve margaritas at all. I went once back in March. The only thing I remember was our appetizer: a crepe filled [read more →]

Restaurants: Redbones

Redbones is my favorite neighborhood hangout. The food is delicious and dirt cheap, and they are serious about their beer. The best time to go is definitely during lunch, in my opinion, as it can turn into kind of a madhouse at dinner. I also love sitting at the bar when possible. They were actually [read more →]

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