Restaurants: Pizzeria Posto

I have finally found a place to get my Neopolitan pizza fix in the Boston area. Pizzaria Posto, located in Davis Square, is right up there with a lot of the great Neopolitan pizzas I’ve had in New York. (Ok, it’s not as good as Motorino, but what is?) Because the pizza is so top [read more →]

Restaurants: Tupelo

Tupelo has been on my list of places to try for awhile now. My mom has been there before and has described it as “like Hungry Mother, but not as good…but still good.” Therefore, whenever we’re craving some southern comfort food, we end up down the street at Hungry Mother. Last night we tried to [read more →]

Restaurants: Muqueca

Muqueca is a little Brazilian restaurant in Inman square, and it quickly became a favorite when my parents first moved to Cambridge a few years ago. We even had them cater my college graduation party. At that time, prices were dirt cheap, they occupied a little hole in the wall space, and didn’t have a [read more →]

Restaurants: Hungry Mother

Hungry Mother quickly became a favorite of my family when it first opened down the street from my parents in Kendall Square last year. The food is kind of like refined Southern food with a French twist. The menu is very small, but it changes often and I have never had anything that I haven’t [read more →]

Lobster Sandwiches

My dad brought home some lobster sandwiches from Alive and Kicking Lobsters today. I just had to share how delicious they were… Instead of the standard lobster “roll,” they put the lobster salad on toasted Italian bread. The salad itself was perfect: very little mayonnaise, generous amount of lobster, and perfectly seasoned. Highly recommended if [read more →]

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