The Best Things I Ate in New Orleans

Now that it’s Mardi Gras week, I figured it would be a good time to finally talk about my New Orleans trip last month. Matt and I joined my mom and several of her friends for a big trip to celebrate a friend’s mother’s 100th birthday party (crazy, right?). I had never been to New [read more →]

Philly Eats: Osteria

First of all, thank you so much for all of your nice comments on my last couple of posts! It has been a busy, but exciting past few weeks. I never even got a chance to write out the food we ate during Philly Marathon weekend. Knowing we would probably want Italian food the night [read more →]

The 2013 Philadelphia Marathon

Whew, what a whirlwind week! Two midterms…and a marathon. I was totally spoiled last year when I was able to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off after the marathon last year for rest and recovery. This time, I had to take an orgo exam. Now I can finally breathe and relax for a couple [read more →]

Zingerman’s Tour de Food

Matt and I traveled to Ann Arbor, MI to visit his family last weekend, and while the family visit was the first priority, we had a pretty serious food itinerary as well. Zingerman’s is an Ann Arbor institution that Matt got me hooked on when I first visited his hometown a couple of years ago. [read more →]

Even though I grew up in Massachusetts and moved back to Boston over two years ago, last weekend was my first ever trip to Portland, Maine. It was long overdue. We had an amazing time and tried to cram as much food into our short trip as possible. Do you ever watch that Food Network [read more →]

Weekend in New Hampshire

One of the things I love most about living in Boston is the proximity to so many weekend destinations around New England. Between the Cape, Maine, and the mountains up north, there are always options when you’re looking for a quick getaway out of the city. So far this summer though, I haven’t really taken [read more →]

Sunday Funday in Brooklyn

Matt and I found ourselves back in NYC for his gig last weekend. This time, we scheduled a late night bus back to Boston on Sunday so we could spend the day in Brooklyn. I was introduced to the amazingness of Brooklyn when I met Matt. I was living in the East Village at the [read more →]

Another Great Weekend in NYC

Things have been busier than normal over in my world. Last week I had my first paper due for the online course I’m taking, then I flew back from Huntsville late Friday night, took an early Saturday morning bus to NYC for Matt’s gig, and then flew out of NYC on Sunday afternoon to go [read more →]

Urban Stack, Chattanooga, TN

Matt and I drove from Nashville to Chattanooga with no real agenda. To be honest, the only reason we went was that I didn’t have enough hotel points for a third night in Nashville, but I did have just enough for one night in Chattanooga. I guess we’re cheap! Our plan ended up working out [read more →]

Loveless Cafe, Nashville, TN

I really wanted to like Loveless Cafe. We drove all the way out to the outskirts of Nashville, fully expecting at least an hour long wait, for their “famous” Southern comfort food. The motel-turned-cafe dates back to the 50’s, but has since changed owners several times and undergone renovations. Now the cafe is an entire [read more →]

City House, Nashville, TN

Having apparently not learned our lesson from our missteps in Nashville, Matt and I chose a restaurant called City House for dinner on our second night that was a mile north of downtown. The route we walked to get there was pretty deserted again – I guess Matt and I are really spoiled by living [read more →]

Whenever we visit a new city, Matt and I try to avoid the downtown touristy areas and wander to the more food-centric parts of the city. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to figure out what to do in Huntsville that I sort of neglected our weekend trip to Nashville. I thought we could just [read more →]

Traveling to Huntsville, Alabama

So, I wound up on a three month work assignment in Huntsville, Alabama. When I first found out, I was about as excited as I was when I went to Oklahoma. Because Matt is always up for an adventure (and he’s done with school for awhile), he came along with me this week. Huntsville is [read more →]

Madrid, 1/8/12

Our last day in Madrid! We had kind of slacked off on doing the touristy things in Madrid, so that’s what we did on our last day. We got up early and went to the Reina Sofia museum. From there, we walked all the way over to the Rastro, Madrid’s Sunday flea market. After being [read more →]

Madrid, 1/7/12

Matt and I gave in and ate pizza for lunch on Saturday. We had been craving it! We actually found a pretty decent Neapolitan style pizza place while wandering around called Fratelli La Bufala. It was no Motorino or Posto, but certainly passable. We decided to actually eat dinner at Mercato San Miguel that night. [read more →]

Madrid, 1/6/12

January 6th is Kings Day, which we were told is as important as Christmas in the US. We were worried about things being open, but there were actually a lot of people out! We started the day with a slice of Roscon de Reyes, the typical pastry served on kings day. This is the only [read more →]

Madrid, 1/5/12

After my mom left for the airport, Matt and I went to check into our hotel downtown. This day wasn’t too eventful; we mostly relaxed, napped, and wandered around. We went back to Tempranillo for dinner. The grilled mushrooms we ordered were pretty insane. I’m not sure what type they were, but they looked like [read more →]

Madrid, 1/4/12

After our last night in Haro, we woke up early to drive back to Madrid. We also stopped along the way in Burgos for lunch and to do some shopping. The lunch wasn’t very memorable, so I didn’t take any pictures. This was my mom’s last night in Spain, but we were all pretty exhausted [read more →]

Haro, 1/3/12

We had wine tours scheduled at R. Lopez de Heredia and Muga for the 3rd, but also wanted to swing by La Rioja Alta and Cune which were basically on the same street. Haro is quite a wine town! We got up bright and early (for me) for our 10am R. Lopez de Heredia tour. [read more →]

Haro, 1/2/12

This was the day we drove up to Haro in Rioja for our mini wine tour. We were SO looking forward to this part of the trip. The drive up took about four hours, and we saw a double rainbow along the way! My mom had been feeling sick all day, so Matt and I [read more →]

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