Madrid, 1/1/12

We were invited back to Louis and Nieves house for a family new years lunch. The food was amazing again, but Matt and I were so tired. Lunch consisted of another big salad, more foie gras and bread, and a rice dish similar to paella. For dessert, their son Alvaro made individual molten chocolate cakes. [read more →]

Madrid, 12/31/11

New Years Eve! We made another reservation at La Trucha for New Years Eve lunch. They had so many vegetarian options and more things that we wanted to try, so we wanted to go there with Matt. We started with the fried eggplant. It was very lightly battered and super crispy.        

Madrid, 12/30/11

We spent most of Matt’s first full day in Madrid just wandering around. We eventually ended up back at Nuevo Galicia. We opted to just split a bunch of things off of the menu instead of getting the menu del dia. We tried the pimientos de padron. They were tasty, as usual, but we were [read more →]

Madrid, 12/29/11

This was the day that Matt arrived! He wasn’t arriving until around 5:00 though, so my mom and I made lunch reservations at a restaurant she used to go to called La Trucha. We ordered a small pitcher of their house red wine, which came in this cute little ceramic jug. The wine wasn’t great, [read more →]

Madrid, 12/28/11

While out with Cheryl and Miguel the night before, we made lunch reservations for late afternoon on Wednesday at a restaurant called El Ñeru. They said that this restaurant had the best fabada (an Asturian bean stew) and arroz con leche in town. Since lunch wasn’t until 3:15 (which we quickly learned is normal for [read more →]

Madrid, 12/27/11

I had intended on blogging on Spain while I was there, but as you can see that only lasted one day. Oops! We got pretty busy between spending time with family friends, exploring Madrid, and our side trip to Rioja. Oh well, I’m going to continue on anyways. On the 27th, my mom and I [read more →]

Weekend in Miami

I’ve gotten a little behind on my blog posts. Matt and I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in Miami, then Thanksgiving happened, and then I got busy! We had quite a weekend of eating in Miami, so I wanted to share at least some of the food that we ate. In the interest of time [read more →]

Finding “your runner” in the NYC Marathon can be a little tricky. Matt and I picked a spot for me to go see him in Brooklyn close to his old apartment (to guarantee I wouldn’t get lost getting there!). We used to go to this sandwich shop called Choice Market that happened to be right [read more →]

NYC Marathon Weekend – Day Two

We had planned on going to Shopsin’s for breakfast on Saturday. Unfortunately, we realized when we got there at 11am that it was far too late to get a table. What’s tricky about New York is that everywhere worth going to has a long wait for brunch. You never want to wait, but you also [read more →]

NYC Marathon Weekend – Day One

Matt ran the New York City Marathon yesterday, so we made a whole weekend of it. I was once again reminded of how much I love it there. We took the Bolt Bus on Friday afternoon. I am definitely less tolerant of the Bolt Bus than Matt is. The seats are so uncomfortable! I got [read more →]

To ease the burden of traveling for work every week, I finally started booking hotel rooms with kitchens. My new three month assignment is Miami – which is lovely and all, and not short of dining options – but I still miss being able to cook and eat my own food.         [read more →]

Oklahoma State Fair

Matt and I decided to check out the Oklahoma State Fair while we were in town. Between the pig racing, goat shows, and every kind of fried food imaginable (on a stick), it was an eye-opening experience for the both of us. We didn’t stay for too long, but here are some highlights:     [read more →]

Weekend in Oklahoma City

I got sent to Lawton, Oklahoma for work for three weeks. It’s been…a culture shock. Things didn’t start out so well: I ran over an armadillo, a large bird splattered on my windshield, I was doing all of my shopping at the Walmart Supercenter, and I had to do my half-marathon training in 105 degree [read more →]

Of course, not everything on our Europe trip was perfect; because of our new found obsession with Failblog, we starting calling these things “fails.” – Mushy peas in London: I tried them and hated them. That’s all there is to it. – Currywurst in Berlin: I will probably get a lot of backlash from this [read more →]

Prague Trip Highlights

We went from Berlin to Prague to spend the next five days of our trip. We wound up doing Prague a little bit differently than Berlin and London; we didn’t love the food there (and, I promise, we went with an open mind), so we really put in effort to seek out the nice restaurants [read more →]

Berlin Trip Highlights

After a couple of days in London, we headed to Berlin to spend the next four days.– One of the things we were most looking forward to in Berlin was having some delicious, authentic Turkish food. It probably seems odd to want to go to Berlin for Turkish food, but Germany actually has the largest [read more →]

London Trip Highlights

My friend Katie and I started and ended our recent Europe trip in London. Here are some of our trip highlights, in no particular order. – Our friend Sarah, who we were visiting in London, had us meet her at a restaurant called The Only Running Footman after she got out of work on our [read more →]

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