Boston Strong

I know I’ve been kind of absent lately. I didn’t really know what to say after the Boston Marathon bombings, and my regular posts seemed not so important anymore. I was lucky – I wasn’t there, and my mom was watching two miles away from the finish line and was evacuated right away before even [read more →]

Beet Down

After we ate the beet ravioli the other weekend (with some wine), Matt and I were marveling at how delicious beets are and how we don’t cook with them enough. Then Matt said, “Next weekend. Beet Down.” And so the idea of a multi-course meal based entirely on beets was born. We even found some [read more →]

Valentines Day, aka Truffle Fest!

Matt and I had a belated Valentine’s Day dinner last night since I was in DC all week. We both knew we wanted to cook at home instead of going out, so we were trying to think of something extra special to make. We decided to splurge on a truffle! It was totally genius. We [read more →]

Madrid, 12/26/11

After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family friends, we used yesterday to explore Madrid. My mom and I wandered around starting at the Puerta del Sol and ended up at one of her old favorite tapas restaurants on Calle Serrano. Here are some quick highlights. We spent some time exploring the Mercato de [read more →]


My mom and I are off to Spain! We’re enjoying some airport wine before we get on our flight. Happy holidays!

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

Since Matt and I won’t be together on Thanksgiving, we cooked our own Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house last weekend. Matt wanted to make some dishes off of Marco Canora’s Thanksgiving menu, and I of course wanted the requisite turkey, cranberry sauce, and brussels sprouts. I couldn’t find bone-in, skin-on turkey breast (too early [read more →]

Fall, aka Ribollita Season

We made our first ribollita of the season last night. I posted the recipe last year, and it tasted better than ever last night.                    

Summer Rolls

I absolutely love Vietnamese summer rolls, so last weekend I decided to learn how to make them myself to get my fix. I find that a lot of places make them too far ahead of time (I’m looking at you, Whole Foods); by the time they come to me, the rice paper loses the nice [read more →]

Swiss Chard with Raisins and Pine Nuts

Spinach with raisins and pine nuts is a classic Catalan dish that I’ve made several times as a side, with great results. I saw some great looking swiss chard at the store last weekend and thought the chard/pine nut/raisin combination would make a great side dish with the rest of our Spanish feast that night: [read more →]

Grilled Pizza

Ok, so I know the picture isn’t great, and my first attempt at grilled pizza was far from perfect, but it was still pretty delicious. We just bought one of those little Weber charcoal kettle grills and I naively thought it would be as easy to use as a gas grill. Turns out I have [read more →]

National Deviled Eggs Day

I’ve been trying really hard to keep up with my blog, but this time I have a reason for being absent over the past few weeks. I’ve been sick! I ended up with a bad case of food poisoning, ironically. Now that I’m back to eating like a normal human being though, I can blog [read more →]


Well – it has been a crazy few months, to say the least. As some of you might already know, my dad passed away this summer. He was and always will be one of my great inspirations for cooking. He always knew how to fill a room with joy by cooking a delicious meal for [read more →]


When I heard last week that a couple of my co-workers were organizing a “guacamole-off” at work, I knew I would have to come up with a winning recipe. I’m usually a purist when it comes to guac, but I figured I’d have to make something a little different to make mine stand out. I [read more →]

Truffle Mac

Do you ever wind up with a little bit of various types of cheeses in your refrigerator? I noticed yesterday that I had a little bit of parmesan, goat cheese, cheddar, romano, and havarti. Knowing that a couple of them were nearing the end of their shelf life, I thought some macaroni and cheese was [read more →]

I made my scallops and saffron sauce the other night to try out with the Santa Margherita Prosecco, so my mom and I came up with some easy appetizers to serve beforehand. I wanted to make some bruschetta with my mom’s garden tomatoes and basil. My parents had just been to a wedding where they [read more →]

Green City Market

The weather is beautiful today, so I wandered around Green City Market this morning. I really need to start coming here every week because the produce is like nothing I can get at my local grocery store. I snapped a few pictures I thought I’d share… I picked up a little lunch for the road: [read more →]

Off to Europe!

I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip to London, Berlin, and Prague, which means my blog will be on a two-week hiatus. This also means, though, that I will have plenty of food adventures to blog about when I return. Cheers!

I LOVE brussels sprouts. I’m convinced that people who don’t like them just haven’t had them prepared correctly. I think this about a lot of foods, but I can discuss another time in different post… I’ve made it a personal mission recently to get people to like them. I was out to dinner with my [read more →]

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