City House, Nashville, TN

Having apparently not learned our lesson from our missteps in Nashville, Matt and I chose a restaurant called City House for dinner on our second night that was a mile north of downtown. The route we walked to get there was pretty deserted again – I guess Matt and I are really spoiled by living in such a walkable city! Thankfully the food was outstanding this time and more than worth the walk.

City House’s Italian menu is filled with antipasti, pizzas, pastas, and meat and fish entrees. The same menu items jumped out at both of us, so we decided to just share everything.

We started with the Kale Salad with Radish, Lemon, Bread Crumbs, and Pecorino. I’ve been on a kale salad kick these days, and this one was easily the best I’ve ever had. The kale was lightly dressed and still crisp, with the coarse breadcrumbs amping up the crunch factor. The lemon flavor was prominent and was balanced out by the creamy, salty pecorino. The portion was huge and we both surprised ourselves by devouring every last bite.

Next we got the Pizza with Peas, Potato, Spring Onion, Chilies, and Pecorino. When we ordered, our server asked if we wanted to add an egg on top (has he been reading my blog??) and we obviously said yes.

The crust was light and crisp, but just sturdy enough to hold the toppings. The creamy chunks of potato and light dusting of cheese were a perfect contrast to the peas.

And the egg…was just perfect.

We also shared the Bread Gnocchi with Cauliflower Ragu and Pecorino. Bread gnocchi initially made me think of Rachael Ray’s recipe where she basically tears up a loaf of stale bread and covers it in tomato sauce. I learned that real bread gnocchi is made from a dough that just has bread in it.

The tomato based ragu had big pieces of sweet, nutty cauliflower throughout. The browned gnocchi were just dense enough to hold up to the hearty ragu, but not too heavy tasting.

We managed to save room to share a dessert, and I’m so glad we did. We got the Strawberry Shortbread Pie with Buttermilk Sorbetto and Strawberries and we couldn’t get over how good it was. The intensely buttery crust was filled with a cooked strawberry filling, which was then complimented by the pile of fresh sweet strawberries on the side. The buttermilk sorbetto – possibly my favorite part of this dessert – was a little tart and not overly sweet.

Our meal at City House turned out to be one of the best we’ve had in awhile.

What was the best meal you’ve had lately?

City House
1222 4th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37208
City House on Urbanspoon

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