Cutty’s – The best sandwiches in Boston?

Cutty'sI finally knocked Cutty’s off of my never-ending list of places I need to try in Boston. The problem is that when I find places I love, I keep going back to them and wind up not trying new places. Maybe it’s good that getting to Cutty’s is kind of a trek from Davis.

We each got a sandwich and split a salad, which they nicely separated into two bowls.

Considering I’m not usually a huge salad fan, all of the salads at Cutty’s sounded surprisingly yummy. We decided on the Wheat Berry and Beet Salad. This was the only thing here that I wasn’t jumping up and down about. I felt like it needed a little salt and and maybe more acid.

Matt ordered the Greens Shallot Sandwich. It had sauteed swiss chard, crispy shallots, and saffron yogurt all stuffed between a perfect ciabatta roll. WOW – who would have thought that a swiss chard sandwich could be this good? The sweet shallots counteract the bitter greens, and the saffron yogurt made it creamy and gave it an unexpected punch of flavor.

The Ham Pimento Sandwich was calling my name. I love pimento cheese, and adding it to a sandwich with ham and lots of pickles seemed like a thing of genius. Not only was the combination good, it wasn’t too overstuffed (pet peeve of mine) and the bread was wonderful. They offered to grill it which made the bread just a little bit crisp and the cheese a little melty.

To be fair, I haven’t been in Boston long enough to declare any one place as having the best of anything, but these were the best sandwiches I have had in a long time!

See my favorite dishes at this restaurant on Tasted Menu

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  • Emily @ A Cambridge Story

    I have heard such great things about Cutty’s – but never seen any photos. Looks just as good as they say!

  • Megan

    I work near Cutty’s and love it. The eggplant spuckie is my favorite, and the spuckie is also really good. After seeing your pictures, I think I need to try the ham pimento next!

    • Colleen

      I’m jealous that you work by there! Although I would probably go way to often if I did, haha. Both the spuckies sounded really delicious too, so I’ll have to try one next time!

  • Elizabeth

    I looove the greens shallot. I don’t think I’ve been in over a year. I haven’t tried their salads, they always sound good. I really want to try their Taza brownie too.

  • nicole @ I am a Honey Bee

    great review of cutty’s! I’ll have to give it a try one day

  • Hire Canada

    Cool, including veggies/salads in your sandwich is always a good idea 😉 It might look almost healthy with such components…

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