DooWee & Rice

I opened up the fridge a couple nights ago to find absolutely nothing, giving Matt and I a perfect excuse to head down the street to finally try DooWee & Rice. This tiny restaurant opened a few months ago in Powderhouse square, conveniently a block from our apartment.

Though I hear DooWee & Rice described as Asian-fusion, I appreciate the fact that they make a point to not label the type of cuisine they make, instead focusing on flavorful combinations and fresh food. Their menu does feature some traditional Vietnamese dishes, as well as several types of baos (swoon.)

Habanero Chicken Baos

I first got an order of Lime-Habanero Chicken Baos. They were spicy, which I should have expected with the habanero and all. They were even borderline too spicy for me to eat, but I managed because they were so delicious. The fluffy bun and tender chunks of chicken made the burn worth it. Though fiery, the habanero sauce had a nice tang from the lime.

Chicken and Rice

I also ordered the Chicken and Rice. In hindsight, I’m kind of kicking myself for ordering two chicken dishes. I usually like variety! Still, I had heard great things about this dish and am very glad I tried it. The chicken was nicely marinated and incredibly tender. I couldn’t pinpoint the flavor of the white sauce, but it was addicting and especially delicious when combined with the side of chile sauce. I couldn’t help but think this would make excellent hangover food.

Tofu Baos

Matt was in luck becuase they just started putting Tofu Baos on the menu. I didn’t actually try a bite, but Matt was impressed.

Sweet Potato Fries

I definitely indulged in my fair share of Sweet Potato Fries with Hoisin Sauce that Matt ordered. I feel confident saying these were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had, and not just because I’m obsessed with hoisin sauce. They were as crisp as I’ve ever seen sweet potato fries…we joked that they must have been quadruple fried.

Another bonus of DooWee & Rice is that their menu is incredibly affordable. You could make a light meal out of an order of baos for $5. I really need to go back and make more of a dent in the menu. Vietnamese chicken wings, crispy chicken hearts, pork belly baos…

DooWee & Rice
868 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144
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