This was probably my favorite course of the night, but how can anything compete with fresh spaghetti with truffles, lots of butter, and cheese?? It’s almost unfair how good it was.

I picked up some fresh spaghetti from Dave’s Fresh Pasta to make things easy. The rest of the ingredients were simple: the truffle (obviously), European-style butter, and really good parmigiano reggiano.

We started by melting quite a bit of butter in a skillet. Meanwhile, we started cooking the pasta (in heavily salted water).

When the butter was melted, I grated some of the truffle into the butter.

When the pasta was al dente, I added it to the pan and tossed it in the butter (reserving the pasta water).

Then, I grated some cheese into it and added some of the pasta water.

I kept tossing and adding more pasta water.

And I added more truffle. Why not?

Keep tossing.

Ok, a little more truffle.

And there you have it: buttery, truffley, cheesy pasta. It was probably one of the best things I have ever eaten.

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