Another Great Weekend in NYC

Things have been busier than normal over in my world. Last week I had my first paper due for the online course I’m taking, then I flew back from Huntsville late Friday night, took an early Saturday morning bus to NYC for Matt’s gig, and then flew out of NYC on Sunday afternoon to go back to Huntsville.

Oh yeah, I’m (sort of) back in school! I’m considering going back to school full time to be a Registered Dietitian, so I’m taking an online nutrition class to feel it out before I commit and knock out some prerequisites. The class is going great now that I got over the initial “I forgot how to write a paper!” hump. I’m out of practice!

And now I’m trying to catch up on blogging. I was too exhausted last night to actually write a much overdue blog post (like our amazing Memorial Day feast…coming soon hopefully), so instead I played around with Instagram. I gave myself a break on Saturday from lugging around my camera and wound up with a bunch of less than stellar iPhone pictures. Instagram to the rescue! (I realize I’m a little late to the party on this.)

Here are some shots from the weekend…

Meatball Pizza at Motorino. (I’m still dreaming about this pizza. Incredible.)

Amontillado Sherry at Terroir‘s happy hour.

Fava Bean, Ricotta, and Pickled Shallot Crostini at Terroir.

Lamb Burger at The Breslin.

We always do some good eating in New York. The problem is that we’re always torn between wanting to go to our old favorites – like Motorino and Terroir – and thinking we should try something new. Matt has his gig the first Saturday of every month, which gives me a perfect excuse to go back at least twice this summer and do both.

What’s your favorite food town to visit?

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