Green Street Grill

I first tried Green Street Grill probably 3-4 years ago, and the only thing I remember was that my food was way too salty (and I never complain of that). Luckily it seems as if things have changed. I’ve been hearing great things about both their food and their drinks, so I headed there on a recent Tuesday night with my friends Katie and Laura.

The first thing I noticed about their extensive cocktail menu is that most were in the $7.50-8 range. As someone used to the drink prices at Drink and Saloon, these seemed like a steal.

I had a difficult time ordering because I don’t like very sweet drinks, and the rest of the drinks all seemed to include some form of whiskey. Whiskey and I have never gotten along well.

Well, I gave it a shot anyways and ordered the De La Louisiane. It had old overholt rye, benedictine, italian vermouth, ricard, peychaud’s bitters. I honestly didn’t know what a lot of these things were so the order was kind of a crap shoot. It ended up not being my favorite, but surprisingly not because of the rye. The combination tasted a little too sweet and medicinal to me.

Katie’s order was much more successful. She got the Junior, which had rittenhouse rye, benedictine, fresh lime juice, angostura bitters. It tasted refreshing without being too sweet. I liked it so much that I ordered it for my second drink.

Instead of ordering entrees, we all opted to share a some appetizers.

We started with the House Charcuterie, which was described as a Chicken And Pistachio Terrine served with cornichons, whole grain mustard, and toast. It was a huge portion for being just a $5 “snack.” The terrine had a creamy texture and the chicken flavor really shone through. The pistachios gave it a nice texture and a hint of nutty flavor. The mustard and cornichons were perfect compliments.

Next we shared the Stuffed Calamari with garlic sausage, white bean puree, and sweet and sour peppers. I loved everything about this except for the calamari itself, which I found a little tough. Luckily the well seasoned sausage stuffing, creamy beans, and the bite from the peppers were a good enough combination to make the dish still very enjoyable.

Laura was adventurous enough to ask what the Offal of the day was – and I’m glad she did because it was Bone Marrow! I like to think of bone marrow as meat butter. This marrow was simply spread on some toast with fresh parsley and pickled onions. The accompaniments were just enough to brighten the flavor of the marrow but not overwhelm it.

Overall, we all enjoyed our drinks and food at Green Street. I’ll definitely be back to try some more cocktails and food!

Green Street Grill
280 Green St
Cambridge, MA 02139
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