Of course, not everything on our Europe trip was perfect; because of our new found obsession with Failblog, we starting calling these things “fails.”

Mushy peas in London: I tried them and hated them. That’s all there is to it.

Currywurst in Berlin: I will probably get a lot of backlash from this (even if just from Katie) but I tried currywurst in Berlin and didn’t really like it. It’s basically sliced, fried sausage smothered in curry ketchup with fries. It wasn’t bad, but didn’t live up to the hype.

Noodle Shop in Berlin: We were excited to try this supposedly wonderful noodle restaurant in Berlin that we had read about. After we had sat down, we realized that there were only two fixed price menus and no a la carte menu. This didn’t sound like the restaurant we had read about, but we sucked it up and chose the option with the fewest number of courses. We kept waiting for the noodles to make their appearance in our dinner but were only served meat and vegetables, which, in hindsight, was probably why no one else was in the restaurant. I guess we didn’t get the memo.

Iced coffee in Berlin: We tried to order an iced coffee at lunch in Berlin but were instead served coffee with ice cream in it. It was actually quite good, but we must have looked ridiculous.

Enormous portions in Prague: The pictures below are of a couple of dishes that are meant for one person but are embarrassingly large. Some people might enjoy it, but I think it’s daunting…

Chips in Prague: I was intrigued when I saw kebob flavored chips at the grocery store in Prague. Unfortunately, they tasted like what I would imagine Pupperoni tastes like.

Absinthe in Prague: We did the cliché thing and decided we should try absinthe while in Prague. I know that the “hallucinogenic” quality is kind of a myth, but we wanted to see for ourselves. From what I had read, you are supposed to mix the absinthe with some sugar and water. We weren’t able to find sugar at the store, so we thought Sprite might be an acceptable substitute. Fail.

The New York Times actually just did an article on different absinthes and, it turns out, absinthe can taste good. I guess we did it wrong.

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