Madrid, 12/27/11

I had intended on blogging on Spain while I was there, but as you can see that only lasted one day. Oops! We got pretty busy between spending time with family friends, exploring Madrid, and our side trip to Rioja. Oh well, I’m going to continue on anyways.

On the 27th, my mom and I were invited to lunch at her friends Marijose’s house outside of Madrid. I didn’t snap any pictures , but lunch was amazing. We started off with tortilla, morcilla sausage from Burgos, and little empanadas. I’ve never loved morcilla (blood sausage), but this kind from Burgos was like nothing I’ve ever had. The sausage itself has rice in it. It’s sliced and then seared until a little crisp on both sides. It was my new favorite! After our first course, we had some cannellonis made with a mixture of meat (I think it was veal, pork, beef, and foie gras?). It was decadent.

Later on, we headed to my mom’s friends Cheryl and Miguel’s house. From there, we all went back downtown to get some tapas for dinner. We started in the Plaza Mayor at Toro de Oro, but I forgot once again to take pictures there. With our drinks, we were given a small cup of “Christmas broth” with a dash of sherry as well as a plate of sautéed potatoes and garlic. We also ordered some pescadito in adobo, which is marinated, fried fish (which I was told is often shark, but I’m not sure what kind of fish it was there).

From the Plaza Mayor, we walked to Calle Cava Baja. I loved the tapas bars on this street.

We started at a place that specialized in Migas, which I learned is traditionally made by frying day-old breadcrumbs with meat scraps. The version that we had was full of delicious meat, though.

The next place we went to specialized in pinchos, which are essentially tapas spiked with a toothpick and often served on little toasts.

I was dying to try the one with fried eggplant stuffed with cheese.

It was delicious!

We were pretty full by the time we got to our final bar, but we still found some room to split a few things.

We first got the shrimp skewers and the goat cheese crostini. The shrimp were nothing special, but whoa was the goat cheese good. The melty cheese was served over bread and a thin slice of green apple and then topped with caramelized onions. This is one I need to repeat at home.

We also tried their cod croquettes. Croquettes are one of my favorite tapas to get in Spain, but, again, these were just okay.

Still, we were very happy, red wine stained lips and all.

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