Madrid, 12/30/11

We spent most of Matt’s first full day in Madrid just wandering around. We eventually ended up back at Nuevo Galicia. We opted to just split a bunch of things off of the menu instead of getting the menu del dia.

We tried the pimientos de padron. They were tasty, as usual, but we were bummed that we didn’t get any spicy ones.

Next we got the ensalada rusa, which had a nice tangy flavor but still wasn’t my favorite because it was topped with tuna. I have a weird thing against cooked tuna. I like my tuna raw!

My mom and I split the Albondigas and loved them.

We got the Pisto, which is basically a Spanish version of ratatouille.

Matt also got some tortilla. It wasn’t the best we’ve had, but it was passable.

We were invited to Louis and Nieves for dinner that night. I didn’t get any pictures, but they made us an amazing dinner. We started with a big salad platter that had smoked salmon, hardboiled quail eggs, gulas, and different kinds of lettuce. Gulas are basically a fake version of baby eels, which are extraordinarily expensive. Trust me, they taste better than they sound. For main course, they made us scrambled eggs with mushrooms that Louis had foraged himself. It was impressive!

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