Madrid, 1/7/12

Matt and I gave in and ate pizza for lunch on Saturday. We had been craving it! We actually found a pretty decent Neapolitan style pizza place while wandering around called Fratelli La Bufala. It was no Motorino or Posto, but certainly passable.

We decided to actually eat dinner at Mercato San Miguel that night. It was really crowded, which made it nearly impossible to eat and take pictures at the same time.

But, here’s Matt in front of the Sherry Corner.

We had read about a really good Nordic restaurant called Olsen that was close to the market, so we thought we would check it out for drinks and dessert. After looking at the menu and hearing rave reviews about the food from the couple sitting next to us at the bar, I decided I wanted to try an appetizer.

I ordered the Three Salmons starter with walnut bread, capers, and pear and arugula salad. It was okay, but not all I had hoped for. The three different salmons were all cured or smoked, so they didn’t taste all that different. The cracker underneath was a little bland and soggy. Still, we ordered dessert. We got some molten chocolate cake with a dulce de leche center that I didn’t photograph. It also wasn’t very good. Oh well!

And we ended the night with a Flamenco show. I had never seen live flamenco, and it was impressive!

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