Mushroom Agnolotti with Pumpkin Sauce and Garlicky SpinachI know it’s cliché, but one of my favorite things about fall is eating all things pumpkin. I’ve experimented with different versions of pumpkin pasta sauce over the years, and this version might just be my best yet.

I used evaporated milk to get a little creaminess without having to use heavy cream. I also added a little bit of freshly grated parmesan cheese, and simply seasoned it with a touch of fresh sage, white pepper, and nutmeg. Canned pumpkin made the sauce incredibly easy to throw together. (Trust me, using a fresh pumpkin just isn’t worth the time and effort for this.)

For a quick but elegant dinner last Friday, I picked up some fresh mushroom agnolotti from Whole Foods to go with this pumpkin sauce. The earthy mushroom and cheese filling paired beautifully with the sweet pumpkin.

As for the random spinach on top? Posto, one of my favorite restaurants, recently posted about one of their pasta specials on their Facebook page: squash ravioli with chestnut brown butter and topped with garlicky spinach. I used that dish as an inspiration for a dish I made for Matt’s birthday a few weeks ago, and have been loving the combination of garlic, spinach, and squash ever since.

Mushroom Agnolotti with Pumpkin Sauce and Garlicky Spinach

Mushroom Agnolotti with Pumpkin Sauce and Garlicky Spinach

Ingredients (3-4)

    For the Agnolotti and Sauce:

    • 9 oz. fresh mushroom agnolotti (or ravioli)
    • 1 Tbsp. unsalted butter
    • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
    • ½ cup onion, finely chopped
    • 8 oz. canned pumpkin (about half a can, unsweetened)
    • 5 oz. evaporated milk (make sure it is not sweetened)
    • ½ cup freshly grated parmesan
    • White pepper
    • Freshly grated nutmeg
    • ½ tsp. fresh sage, finely chopped
    • Salt

    For the Spinach:

    • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
    • 5 oz. fresh baby spinach
    • 3 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced


    For the Agnolotti and Sauce:

    Heat the butter and olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until soft, about 5 minutes. Add the pumpkin and evaporated milk, and lightly whisk to combine thoroughly. When heated through, add the parmesan, a pinch of white pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, and the sage. Season with salt to taste. Reduce heat to low and let simmer.

    Cook the agnolotti according to package directions. When cooked, reserve some of the pasta water and toss the agnolotti with the sauce to coat. Add a little bit of the pasta water to thin out the sauce slightly.

    For the Spinach:

    Heat the olive oil over medium-low heat in a large skillet. Add the sliced garlic and cook until just softened. Increase the heat to medium-high and add the spinach. Toss the spinach in the skillet until it is just barely wilted.

    Mushroom Agnolotti with Pumpkin Sauce and Garlicky Spinach

    Serve the agnolotti with some of the garlicky spinach on top.

    Where are your favorite ways to use pumpkin?

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    • yummychunklet

      The garlicky spinach sounds delicious!

    • Dara Reppucci

      This look so yummy! I love all things pumpkin as well and the addition of the garlic spinach is great.

    • DeliciousDish

      This sounds great. I love eating all things pumpkin in the fall too, and I love the idea of a spinach topping.

    • Meghan M.

      This looks perfect for a chilly fall evening!

    • Joanne (eats well with others)

      I wonder if it would be overkill if I paired this pumpkin sauce with pumpkin gnocchi….hmm. I love the sound of this meal!

      • Colleen

        Sounds amazing…definitely not overkill!

    • cquek

      Oh my goodness me…WELL captured.. I could almost taste the superb food from my planet.

    • Freckles

      YUM!!! This looks so good! I’m going to definitely try it!

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