Mushroom Foraging

Matt went to the Boston Mycological Club’s mushroom foraging classes last month and now we’re both becoming mushroom nerds. I couldn’t go to the classes because of my work travel schedule, but we both went on one of their foraging walks last Sunday. This one was held in the Cormier Woods in Uxbridge, a little over an hour outside of Boston.

I was sort of hoping we would walk away with a giant hen of the woods mushroom, but it’s definitely not that simple! We have a lot to learn about where and how to look, as well as how to identify which mushrooms are even edible. It was a lot of fun though anyways and I think we’re even going to go on the next walk this weekend. For now, here are some pictures from our little excursion.

The first mushroom we found, and I think the biggest!

We used a paring knife to grab some of the tougher ones.

A lot of the mushrooms were growing on rotted logs. I thought these ones were kind of creepy looking.

I got really excited at first thinking that these could be oyster mushrooms. No such luck, though.

Everyone spread their mushrooms out on tables at the end of the walk. The way people talked about the mushrooms was a little over my head at this point, but it was pretty cool to see what everyone found in the same area.

This is one that someone else found. Pretty crazy!

And finally, the mushrooms that we found.

I don’t think any of them are edible. Maybe next time!

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