Finding “your runner” in the NYC Marathon can be a little tricky. Matt and I picked a spot for me to go see him in Brooklyn close to his old apartment (to guarantee I wouldn’t get lost getting there!). We used to go to this sandwich shop called Choice Market that happened to be right on the marathon route, so we decided that I’d wait in front.

After I saw him, I grabbed a “quick” lunch at Choice Market. I picked what I thought would be the fastest option: the Vegetable Frittata that was pre-made and sitting on the counter. Fifteen minutes later, I finally got my heated frittata. As much as I love their food, the service is confusing and slow.

The frittata looks like a total mess in the picture because they handed it to me on three small paper plates. Good thing it was actually really tasty. It was chock full of roasted fall vegetables and topped with melted cheese. I scarfed it down and rushed to back to Manhattan.

I tried to meet up with Matt’s friend Greg near his apartment to catch Matt on the upper east side part of the route, but between Matt running really fast and the subways running really slowly, he beat me there. Since I never got a good picture of Matt running, the picture above is the one that Greg took. He is a much better marathon photographer than I am.

He ended up finishing in 3:19:19. So fast!

After Matt got all cleaned up, we headed to Terroir Tribeca’s happy hour, which starts an hour earlier than the East Village location at 4.

Matt started with the Ribollita, which is the same one that we make out of Marco Canora’s cookbook Salt to Taste. It’s always nice to see how the chef’s recipe compares to the actual restaurant version. It seems to be a pretty spot-on recipe though, because ours tastes almost exactly the same. They probably just used more beans and/or less broth because theirs was a lot thicker.

Matt also got the Brussels Sprout Frittata. What I love about the frittatas at Terroir is that they never skimp on the olive oil. It gives it great flavor.

Matt rounded out his meal with another classic: the Tomato and Egg Bruschetta.

Greg ordered the Duck Prosciutto, Mushrooms and Stinky Cheese Sandwich. I clearly didn’t get a very good angle when I took the picture, but he raved about the sandwich.

I went with the Meatball Sandwich. It was phenomenal. The sandwich was stuffed with veal and ricotta meatballs, which I have actually made from the cookbook. They had a rich meaty flavor but an almost creamy texture. I kind of knew what the meatballs would taste like, so it was the bread that really blew me away. It tasted almost like a crispy, buttery croissant. I get so angry about sandwiches with bad or even just the wrong kind of bread, so this sandwich put a smile on my face.

Greg and I also split the Funky Beef Balls. The bartender described them as fried balls of aged beef topped with cheese. They were served with a wedge of lemon which cut through the richness of the beef nicely. They were very simple, but actually did taste kind of funky (in a good way, of course).

We ended our meal with the Doughnuts. They tasted as amazing as they look.

That whole weekend weirdly made me want to run the marathon. I think I’ll enter the lottery for it next year and leave it up to fate!

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