NYC Marathon Weekend – Day Two

We had planned on going to Shopsin’s for breakfast on Saturday. Unfortunately, we realized when we got there at 11am that it was far too late to get a table.

What’s tricky about New York is that everywhere worth going to has a long wait for brunch. You never want to wait, but you also don’t want to go somewhere without people waiting. Matt’s friend Pat suggested an Austrian place that he insisted was good and also wouldn’t have a wait. He said that people just didn’t know about their brunch yet. So off we went to Edi and the Wolf

I got the Scrambled Eggs with Crispy Onions and Speck, served with fingerling home fries and a salad. I’m pretty particular about scrambled eggs and these were really not bad. They were a little more firm than I normally like, but the onions and pieces of crispy speck were a nice addition. I thought the home fries were amazing.

Matt had the Scrambled Eggs with Austrian Pumpkinseed Oil, Chives, and Pumpkinseeds. I didn’t try his, but it looked pretty similar to mine.

We spent the next few hours schlepping around the city and worked up enough of an appetite to squeeze in a late lunch (early dinner?) at Motorino before Matt’s gig at 6.

Matt got the Margherita pizza.

I went for the Soppressata Piccante pizza. It was as delicious as ever.

Next, we stopped by for the first half of happy hour at Terroir’s East Village location. This was another of our absolute favorite places in New York. Every day from 5-6pm, they have free sherry and a portion of their wine list is discounted to $6 a glass. Their wine can get a little expensive outside of happy hour, but it’s totally worth it. The staff is super knowledgeable without being snobby and the food alone is worth the trip. (We even went for dinner the next night. More on that later.)

We then headed over to Matt’s gig at the 55 Bar in the West Village. That’s him on trumpet in the not very good picture above from my seat in the back corner.

We didn’t know what to do about dinner afterwards. There were four of us without a reservation, and one needed to run a marathon in the morning! We settled on another pizza meal at Olio since they don’t usually have a wait and it was just a few blocks away from 55 Bar. My pictures came out really blurry, but the pizza was very mediocre anyways. They were soggy and over-topped. Motorino was the clear winner!

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