Restaurants: Penny Cluse Cafe

There seems to be no shortage of breakfast restaurants in Burlington. I read a lot about Penny Cluse Café, so that’s the first place we tried over the weekend.

We both tried the Penny Pickler, which is a spicy, pickly version of their regular bloody mary. It was a little too chunky for my tastes, but I guess that has the benefit of not letting you drink too fast!

The standout of our breakfast was the biscuits. They were insanely buttery, but still had a light and flaky texture.

With a little bit of jam, they were heaven.

Matt ordered the Bellber Combo, which had french toast or pancakes (he chose french toast), 2 eggs any style (scrambled), and a side (homefries). To be honest, the french toast wasn’t great. It seemed like they didn’t let the batter soak through the bread.

The homefries, however, were killer. They were crispy and seasoned perfectly. I think there were some fried onions in there as well.

I got the Roasted Pepper and Egg Tacos. The eggs were scrambled with roasted red, green, and poblano peppers and then folded into soft corn tortillas with some jack cheese. I thought that the eggs needed a little salt, but they were tasty after I added some. They were served with pico de gallo, guacamole, red cabbage, and black beans.

Since I’m a sucker for hot peppers and anything pickled, I had to get a side of the pickled jalapenos. I stuffed them into my egg tacos for an added kick.

Our meal wasn’t entirely perfect, but the café had a great atmosphere, the service was great, and we had an enjoyable meal.

Penny Cluse Cafe
169 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Penny Cluse Cafe on Urbanspoon

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