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I’ve been talking about trying Tre Kronor ever since I saw it featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives last summer. Tre Kronor is a little Swedish BYOB restaurant located in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago. Although it’s a bit of a trek from downtown, Katie and I chose to go on a snowy night last week thinking it was perfect weather for some Swedish comfort food.

We were freezing by the time we got there, so we were happy to see that they had several soups on the menu. Katie got the mushroom soup special and I went with the French onion. I have no doubt that both were delicious, but we were so cold and hungry that anything hot would have been amazing!

Tre Kronor makes their own gravlax, so that was a must try. An order of gravlax turned out to be a pretty large platter including toast points, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, red onion, and mustard sauce. The gravlax was perfect. I want more…now.

I ordered the duck with apple pork sausage, wild rice, and lignonberry jam. I always love duck with something sweet, but I wasn’t sure if I’d wild rice was really what I felt like with my duck. I went with it anyways and was glad I did; it was absolutely delicious. I wasn’t wild about the sausage that they put next to it, but everything else made up for it.

Katie ordered the Swedish meatballs, which tied with the gravlax for star of the night. The meatballs were smothered in a veal stock gravy and served with mashed potatoes, fresh cucumbers, and some lignonberry jam. I bet they serve such a large portion so others at the table can try.

Ok – we were kind of stuffed by this point but still had some of our wine to finish, so we ordered the bread pudding to share for dessert. It was warm, comforting, and a perfect end to the meal.

Did I mention how cheap this place is? We ordered tons of food, but were very pleasantly surprised when the check came…

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