Restaurants: Tu Y Yo

EnchiladasTu Y Yo is a little Mexican restaurant in Powderhouse Square, but it’s definitely not your standard chips and salsa and margaritas the size of your head kind of joint. In fact, they don’t serve margaritas at all.

I went once back in March. The only thing I remember was our appetizer: a crepe filled with cuitlacoche, a fungus that develops on corn (I actually really recommend this). The rest was a little bland, so I figured I wouldn’t be back.

Fast forward to this weekend when we noticed that they started serving brunch. We walked by, starving of course, and we decided to give it a second shot.

This time, our meal at least started out great. We ordered a mushroom sope to split as an appetizer. A little while later, a chorizo sope arrived. Poor Matt had to wait longer to get our correct order, but I was pleased with the mistake…

Chorizo Sopa

The Chorizo Sope was amazing. The base of a sope is a fried corn flour patty, kind of like a thick tortilla. This one was topped with a thin layer of black beans and some of the best chorizo I’ve ever had. The chorizo was intensely spiced but not overly hot, and creamy but nicely browned in spots. Yum. The whole thing was topped with tangy queso fresco and a little bit of lettuce. The two sauces on the side were perfect compliments – the tangy tomatillo and smoky spicy chipotle.

Mushroom Sopa

The Mushroom Sope was similarly delicious, though I left most of it for Matt. The mushrooms were browned but still nice and juicy. Matt said “if this was the only dish I ever tried here, I would want to eat here every day.”

I wish this was all we had!


Matt ordered the Chilaquiles Verdes. It was tasty, but there were two key problems: the egg was overcooked and the rest of the dish was lukewarm.


I ordered the Enchiladas Potosinas con Pollo, which also arrived cold. The enchiladas were covered with an intense mole sauce. The sauce was great – chocolately and nutty, but not too sweet. However, it couldn’t hide the dry and bland chicken inside.

Also, I was secretly really wanting a margarita the whole time.

Tu Y Yo
858 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144
Tu Y Yo on Urbanspoon

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