Santarpio’s Pizza

One good thing about traveling as much as I do is that I get to Santarpio’s Pizza often. Santarpio’s is in East Boston, literally next to the airport. When I fly out for work on Sunday nights, it’s almost too easy to stop in for some pizza before my flight.

Santarpio’s is one of those places that looks like it hasn’t changed in a hundred years. The no-frills menu includes basic pizza combinations and barbequed meats. I usually go for the pizza and almost always end up with a side of steak tips or sausage. The smell of the grill lures me in!

As for the pizza itself, it’s almost hard to explain why it’s so good. They strike the perfect balance of crisp crust, sweet tomatoes, and melty cheese. They always go heavy on the tomato sauce (which I love), and add just enough cheese to provide a melty layer but not completely overwhelm the sauce. While the crisp thin crust isn’t usually my style, it really works in this case as a sturdy base for the toppings.

The service can be a little rough around the edges, but I think that’s part of its charm. Just be prepared to wait for a table and then wait awhile for your pizza during busy hours. Another reason to order something from the barbeque is that it usually comes out quickly.

On my most recent trip to Santarpio’s, the four of us ordered two pizzas and an order of steak tips.

The steak tips came out well before the pizza and we all dug in before I even thought to take a picture. We were hungry! They were a little overcooked at medium-well, but the flavor from the grill made up for it. The edges of each steak tip were beautifully charred.

We ordered an Italian Cheese and Hot Peppers Pizza, which is what Matt and I always order when it’s just us. The pickled hot peppers are a perfect addition to the rich cheese.

We also ordered an Italian Cheese and Sausage Pizza. The chunks homemade sausage were moist and well seasoned. My only complaint was that the pizza could have used more of it.

I was glad we ordered both, but the hot peppers pizza was the winner for me! Sometimes its hard to stray from a favorite.

Have you ever been to Santarpio’s? Any other combinations I should try?

Santarpio’s Pizza
113 Chelsea St
East Boston, MA 02128
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  • Megan

    I love crisp thin crust and have been wanting to try their pizza for a while. One of these days! I grew up on New Haven pizza, so I hold all pizza to that standard.

    • Colleen

      I’ve heard great things about New Haven pizza! Not sure how this compares, but I like to think its a style of its own.

  • Katie

    As a member of this eating party, I’d like to add my two cents: 1) My first (of 2) steak tip was a good medium rare. The other one was over, though. 2) I love the sausage pizza. 

    • Colleen

      Oh I love the sausage pizza too! I just REALLY love the hot pepper one.

  • Meghan M.

    I have not been to Santarpio’s, but that pizza looks good!

  • FunandFearlessinBeantown

    I’ve never been to Santarpio’s…it is one of my must-try restaurants!

  • In and Around Town

    I went for the first time recently and really liked it!  So different than the other local pizza places.

  • Sacha

    I first went to Santarpio’s years ago and have, unfortunately, never gotten back. I think the crust is what makes their pies — they’re not afraid to get a nice char on it. I feel like I missed out by not getting anything barbecued. 

  • Simply Life

    this is so good to know for the next time I’m heading to the airport!

  • Elizabeth

    That pizza does look tantalizing. I’ve never been, I really should try it

  • Joanne

    I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about pickled hot peppers on pizza until I recreate this!  sounds like a delicious pizza place!

  • Michelle Collins

    I’ve never been here, but the pizza looks great!

  • meesh

    i really need to get santarpios. 

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