Sick Days

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the past several days. It started off as a fever and turned into a minor health scare, but now I’m okay. It turns out I had a minor fever and a major case of hypochondria.

While I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging, I’ve been doing a fair amount of blog reading. Here are a few gems I came across over the last week.

These Frozen Banana Pops seem like a perfect easy summer dessert. I want to try them with peanut butter and chocolate.

When I saw this Roasted Strawberry, Brie, and Chocolate Grilled Cheese, the combination struck me as both weird and amazing. I think I’m leaning towards amazing. I love chocolate in sandwiches, after all!

I’m not a big baker, but these S’mores Cupcakes totally caught my eye. Another perfect dessert for summer parties.

Matt makes fun of me because I’ve been hoarding wine corks to maybe someday make something out of them. When I saw this Wine Cork Tray, I knew I was saving them for a reason. I’m not crazy!

How adorable are these Pea Pods Stuffed with Herbed Cream Cheese? I imagine making many variations of this over the summer.

Last but not least, the cat lady in me was kind of obsessed with this Birthday Cake for Cats. Ohhh what we do for our pets…

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