Spanish Hot Chocolate

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Like I mentioned in my last post, my life is kind of up in the air right now. There’s the fact that we don’t know where we’re living in the fall. I’m also not used to not getting a regular paycheck…

It’s not like I can sit around feeling bad for myself. After all, I did quit my job. This stress – that I’m trying to convince myself is good stress – is something I put on myself.

I’m working on getting my little catering business running and planning on starting chemistry class in the summer. I’m hoping to at least partially support myself with catering while in school, but we will see.

Let’s just say that, while I know deep down I needed to do what I did, this new phase of my life has been full of ups and downs. I’m officially out of my comfort zone.

Spanish Hot Chocolate

I was feeling particularly stressed one rainy day last week and needed something comforting. Spanish hot chocolate.

My parents lived in Spain for a long time before having me and took me back a couple of times when I was young. To this day, one of my best food memories from those trips is churros with hot chocolate. That combination was little hard to come by outside of Spain back then, so I used to make just the hot chocolate at home.

From what I can remember, I used a combination of bar chocolate and milk thickened with a cornstarch slurry. The cornstarch addition might sound odd, but don’t knock it until you try it! It’s undetectable when whisked in properly and gives it a thick, indulgent texture without having to add cream.

I went back to one of the chocolate and churros places that I remember as a kid during our latest trip and actually found the chocolate a little too sweet for my taste buds. In my latest version, I used a 71% rich dark chocolate and went without any additional sweetener. (You could certainly add sugar – I’m probably weird in liking my sweets not too sweet.)

I veered from tradition a little and used a pinch of salt to bring out the chocolate flavor, and almond milk instead of regular. Not only is almond milk great nutritionally, I love its nutty flavor when paired with chocolate.

Spanish Hot Chocolate

The result was basically liquid chocolate. It would be perfect for dunking…or you could just “drink” it with a spoon like I did. It had a serious calming effect and was the perfect winter treat.

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Yield: 2-3 servings

Spanish Hot Chocolate


  • 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 3 1/2 ounces dark chocolate (I used Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71% - a great bargain at Trader Joe's)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sugar (optional)


  • Place a half cup of the milk in small bowl and whisk in the cornstarch. Set aside.
  • Heat the remaining milk in a small saucepan over medium low/medium heat. Add the chocolate and whisk until melted. Add the cornstarch and milk mixture and stir for a few minutes, or until the hot chocolate has thickened.
  • Add a small pinch of salt. At this point, taste the hot chocolate and add sugar if desired.

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  • Bianca Garcia

    Mmmm I’d love some Spanish chocolate and churros right now! Good luck with your catering job, sounds like a lot of work but also a lot of fun!

    • Colleen


  • Michelle Collins

    This looks like the perfect way to unwind and de-stress!

  • Maria Tadic

    I want some of this hot chocolate right now. I totally feel you on the “quit my job new career thing.” I quit my job about 4 yrs ago and went back to school full time for nutrition. Talk about stressful. I’m glad I’m still here! You’ll be good. Just power thru it all! Good luck!

    • Colleen

      Very cool, and thanks! I hope I’ll be on a similar track soon!

  • Meghan M.

    This looks divine! I was in your position a couple of years ago. It’s difficult, but be sure to be easy on yourself, get out there, and do things you enjoy. I sat at home way too much, and now that I am back in a more rigid schedule, wish I had enjoyed it more.

    • Colleen

      That’s really good advice. I definitely need to get out of the house more and enjoy this time.

  • Dara Reppucci

    Great post! Love the hot chocolate and that pretty napkin. Go easy on yourself, I’m in life limbo too and it was not a conscious choice. Enjoy yourself and things will work out.

    • Colleen

      Thanks! I hope everything works out with your situation, too.

  • Megan

    This sounds incredibly comforting. I hope it helped a little with the stress!

  • Juliana Loh

    LOVE IT!! nothing like hot chocolate to add abit of cheer to winter. and I LOVE almond milk – especially with tea here in Macau, what a lovely idea to add that bit of flavour to hot chocolate! thanks for sharing!

  • Kristen

    very exciting changes happening, you will do awesome with the catering, I’m sure. i visited spain a couple years ago and was obsessed with spanish hot chocolate and churros!

  • Shannon G

    i can only imagine… in fact, i have thought about it myself so I definitely imagine! hope this helped, it certainly seems like a mug to relieve some stress 🙂

  • Emily

    I bet these are scary but invigorating times. Changes tends to feel that way, but often it’s for the best. Hang in there! And when all else fails, treat yourself to liquid chocolate! 🙂

  • taylor

    I just made this, it’s fantastic 🙂 I always crave hot chocolate at night, and this is so much healthier than other recipes or the packaged stuff. Perfect!

    • Colleen

      So glad you liked it!

  • Juccao

    Wow im starting my new “got laid off” well I made them laid me off to get unnemployment (long story but I was going to quit) so now im enjoying my time off too going to school and working on my new business, even with the lack of income im happier than ever, just wishing it was warmer. I will be trying this recipe tonite, love the cornstarch idea, i will also add pure vanilla extract. May i add if you want you can add cinnamon thats the way My hispanic family made their hot chocolate. Good luck on your endeavors.

  • lolz

    unsweetened almond milk? yeecchhh

  • lolz

    I think that this site was made on weebly. am I correct?

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