Sunday Brunching: Highland Kitchen

Brunch with live bluegrass music? Yes, please.

I’m so glad to have discovered Highland Kitchen‘s brunch. The live music is a plus, but the food is just as good as the atmosphere. We’ve been a few times and have really enjoyed everything we’ve tried. Their southern inspired menu has a mix of breakfast and lunch items, as well as a nice list of brunch cocktails.

Matt and I both went with a standard Bloody Mary last Sunday. The pepper and horseradish really woke me up!

It’s worth noting that the wait for a table can be a little steep – they told us 45 minutes to an hour. While we were waiting, we were lucky enough to snag some bar seats.

While we usually order different things every time we go, we always get an order of Beignets. They’re always delivered freshly fried, and a little dusting of powdered sugar provides the right amount of sweetness. But consider yourself warned: they taste so light and airy that you can easily devour the whole plate.

Matt ordered the Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Berries and Bourbon Maple Syrup. I kind of love the fact that they didn’t do anything too fancy with their pancakes, and instead made really well executed traditional ones. They were crisp around the edges and fluffy on the inside. And they were serious about the bourbon maple syrup – it was bourbony.

I don’t know how this was my first time trying their Shrimp and Grits. The dish started with a layer of buttery, coarse grits. Then they were topped with collard greens (that really had a nice acidity going on), mushrooms, big pieces of thick cut, smoky bacon, and scallions. The shrimp may have been a little overcooked, but i was honestly too focused on the rest to really care that much. They were no Hungry Mother shrimp and grits – and what is? – but it’s a must-order if you come to Highland Kitchen.

I’d really like to come back for dinner sometime. I noticed they have Buffalo Fried Brussels Sprouts on their menu, which pretty much sounds like the best.thing.ever.

Highland Kitchen
150 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02143
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  • Emily @ A Cambridge Story

    This looks incredible. Funny enough, I’ve only been to Highland for dinner. It’s boisterous and delicious!

  • Elizabeth

    Those pancakes look gorgeous! I’ve heard great things about Highland’s brunch.

  • Sacha (Eating In or Out)

    Funny, I was also there on Sunday and ate the same things as you. I had only been for dinner in the past. I also thought the shrimp was overcooked, but the dish as a whole was fantastic!

    • Colleen

      That so funny that we ordered the same things!

  • Amy

    I do love those Beignets! Agreed, the wait for brunch can be crazy but its worth it. My only disappointment with their brunch is that their biscuits & gravy weren’t very good. Growing up in Central Cali I’m used to a lot of Southern-inspired cuisine, and I was SO excited when I found out Highland Kitchen had biscuits & gravy, as breakfast/brunch places in New England don’t typically have it on their menu. But I was sad when I tried them and the gravy was not impressive 🙁 But the good news is the other dishes were really good and their dinner menu is AMAZING and it finally motivated me to learn to make biscuits & gravy myself. So, you win some, you lose some! And besides their goat stew is seriously to die for…soooo good!

    • Colleen

      Good to know! I love biscuits and gravy, but I probably haven’t ever tried the real deal. Goat stew sounds great though!

  • Lena

    So funny — I was there Sunday as well! Some of our beignets were a little doughy inside, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t given a thought to ordering a second plate just in case it was a fluke.

    And absolutely agree with the pancake! My thought is that a pancake should be good enough to stand on its own without any fancy dressings, and this one did. However, I don’t plan on turning down that syrup any time soon. It was delicious!

  • Joanne

    If there’s one thing that can lure me in, it’s a post that starts with a Bloody Mary, has pancakes in the middle and ends with mention of buffalo-flavored anything. Sounds like a fabulous brunch  spot!

  • Simply Life

    I’ve eaten here one and loved it! This looks amazing- now I want to go back and try these dishes!

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  • Dara

    I live down the street from HK and the brunch is incredible! You missed the best dish on the menu: smoked trout hash – it is absolutely incredible. Sooooo amazing. The wait is a killer – sometimes when I’m walking my dog I’ll see people lined up an hour before it opens…

    • Colleen

      I was actually torn between the smoked trout hash and the shrimp and grits. Next time!

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