Sunday Brunching at The Breslin

Our final stop in our New York trip last weekend was brunch at The Breslin. I talked a little bit before about how we’re always torn between wanting to go to old favorites and trying new places whenever we’re in NYC – well, The Breslin is sort of new. We went once almost two years ago and loved our meal, and have been talking about going back since. Our hotel this time happened to be right around the corner. Perfect!

The Breslin’s dinner menu is filled with meat-centric gastropub fare, and the brunch menu is a nice mix of items from the regular menu, eggs, and some sweeter dishes.

I ordered the Chargrilled Lamb Burger with Feta, Cumin Mayo & Thrice Cooked Chips, not even realizing that they are sort of famous for this dish. The juicy lamb was gamey without being overly so, and grilled perfectly to the rare side of medium-rare. The ciabatta style bun was just sturdy enough to hold the juices from the meat. The salty feta and red onions were perfectly uncomplicated counterparts, adding a salty bite and slight crunch. I mean, just look how beautifully constructed it was.

As amazing as the burger was, the fries were life changing. They managed to get them incredibly crunchy on the outside without sacrificing the fluffy interior. Matt and I keep joking that twice fried is not good enough anymore – must be thrice! Oh yeah, and the cumin mayo was great spread on the burger and as a dip for the fries. All in all, an incredible plate (or board) of food.

Matt ordered the Fried Peanut & Banana Sandwich with Bourbon & Vanilla. It was just as rich and intense as it sounds – and probably would have been better suited as a dish for sharing – but Matt seemed happy with it.

And for the money shot. As you can see, it was not light on the peanut butter!

We were eyeing the other dishes coming out of the kitchen and I can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu.

The Breslin
16 W. 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
The Breslin on Urbanspoon

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