Matt and I started off our Superbowl Sunday by running the Super Sunday 5-mile race. I somehow got Matt to agree to this even though he had just taken an overnight bus back from NYC. I was also feeling pretty tired since I picked him up at South Station at 5am, so I’m shocked to see how happy we both look in this picture! I guess it was taken close to the finish line!

Afterwards, we went across the street for brunch at Abigail’s, a new-ish restaurant in Kendall Square.

Matt got a bloody mary, as usual, and I went for the Ghost of Mary. It was described as a finely strained bloody mary. I love the flavor of bloody marys but hate when they get all chunky, so this sounded right up my alley.

For some reason, the first few sips tasted just like a strained bloody mary to me and I loved it. But then, it started to taste a little sweet. I think it was made with citrus vodka, and those sweet flavored vodkas remind me a little too much of my college days…

Matt ordered the Sweet Chili Corn Cakes. I would consider Matt somewhat of a pancake connoisseur (he makes a mean pancake), and he said that these were some of the best he has ever had.

I ordered the Eggs “Binney” with Smoked Duck, Griddled Cornbread, Collards, and Tabasco Hollandaise. The smoked duck makes me never want to have a benedict with ham again. The only thing wrong with it was that one of the eggs was slightly overcooked. I’ll forgive it. Aside from that and the strange brunch drink, this was one of the better brunches that we’ve had in Boston!

291 3rd St
Cambridge, MA 02142
Abigail's on Urbanspoon

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