Who Makes the Best Banh Mi in Boston?

Matt is still interviewing for and waiting to hear from medical schools, meaning we basically don’t know where we will be living in the fall. We could be New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia…or we could also end up staying in Boston. Because we just don’t know, we’re making a concerted effort get out of our [read more →]

Brunch at Church (the restaurant)

I spent last Saturday afternoon at Church brunching with some fellow Boston foodies. I was impressed by the space, noticing the exposed brick at the bar and the comfortable couches where some parties were brunching. I had already heard great things about Church’s cocktail menu, so I immediately ordered one of their bloody marys. I [read more →]

Lone Star Taco Bar

Yesterday I tried Lone Star Taco Bar‘s new weekday brunch with the Boston Brunchers. I had been to Lone Star Taco Bar once before, just a couple of months ago, but had a strange experience. It was a Saturday night and the wait was probably twice as long as the hour they told us it [read more →]

Four Burgers

Last week I dined with some fellow Boston bloggers at Four Burgers, a fast casual restaurant with locations in Boston and Cambridge. Its concept is straightforward: you choose from one of four burger options (beef, turkey, salmon, or black bean), and then customize it with your choice of bun, cheese, and other toppings. They sometimes [read more →]

T.W. Food

T.W. Food is tucked away in West Cambridge, a quiet area of town I don’t venture to enough. It had been high on my list to try for awhile. So, when I won a gift certificate to any Boston area restaurant from the nice people at Tasted Menu recently, I picked T.W. Food. Matt and [read more →]


I love a good craft cocktail bar. I don’t even mind paying a lot for a great cocktail, or waiting awhile for to be made. It’s worth it for the ability to talk to and learn from the bartender, and try something you may not have otherwise thought to try. Fort Point’s Drink is known [read more →]

The Boston Sail Loft

I had grand plans to go on a whale watch* for my birthday the other weekend. As it always happens when you make weather-dependent plans, the weather did not cooperate. Matt thinks it’s for the best. *I know Boston whale watches are supposed to be for tourists, but for me they never get old. In [read more →]

Brunch at M3

Everyone knows I love to brunch, which is why I was so happy when M3 opened right down the street from me in Davis Square. Not only do I love having another brunch option, they even offer a Saturday brunch. (Which, in my opinion, is really more difficult to find in Boston than it should [read more →]

Kika Tapas

Last week, I met up with my friends and fellow-bloggers Katie, Erin, and Noelle for an after-work dinner at Kika Tapas in Kendall Square. I had been very curious about Kika after hearing the comparisons between it and Dali, and didn’t know what to expect after my last not-great Dali experience. We lucked out with [read more →]

Sunday Brunching: Catalyst

Catalyst, yet another newbie in the Kendall Square dining scene, has been my latest brunch discovery. My fellow bruncher Katie and I went on Sunday to try making a dent in our growing lists of Boston restaurants to try. Catalyst’s interior blends well with the high-tech neighborhood: high, exposed ceilings and modern glass light fixtures [read more →]

My second event with the Boston Brunchers wasn’t brunch at all, but a tour of the Boston Jewelers Exchange Building. Located in Downtown Crossing, this beautiful and historic building houses over 125 jewelers, many of which are family owned and operated. Since we are technically “brunchers,” food and drink were provided by Scholars. I had [read more →]

West Bridge

I have been hearing rave reviews from the newly opened West Bridge in Kendall Square. Katie and I paid a quick – and mostly unphotographed – visit several weeks ago for drinks and an appetizer, and were sold immediately when they brought us an amuse bouche of fried chicken skin with malt vinegar aioli. Really, [read more →]

Area Four

I finally made it to Area Four after hearing and reading so many good things about it. I was super intrigued by their pizza dough being made with sourdough starter and their Woodstone oven with three separate heat sources, but would it live up to my beloved Posto? I went in knowing that this wouldn’t [read more →]

I recently had the pleasure of brunching at B Street in Newton with the Boston Brunchers. While I was certainly expecting a tasty meal, I had no idea how much of a treat we were in for. I noticed when I arrived that the atmosphere was cozy and inviting, and the staff couldn’t have been [read more →]

Green Street Grill

I first tried Green Street Grill probably 3-4 years ago, and the only thing I remember was that my food was way too salty (and I never complain of that). Luckily it seems as if things have changed. I’ve been hearing great things about both their food and their drinks, so I headed there on [read more →]

Santarpio’s Pizza

One good thing about traveling as much as I do is that I get to Santarpio’s Pizza often. Santarpio’s is in East Boston, literally next to the airport. When I fly out for work on Sunday nights, it’s almost too easy to stop in for some pizza before my flight. Santarpio’s is one of those [read more →]

I became hooked on running after the B.A.A. Half Marathon last fall. Training for it was at times torturous, and I even regretted signing up at some points. I could barely run two miles at the time I started. Once I finally built up my endurance and made it through those long training runs, the [read more →]

Sunday Brunching: Highland Kitchen

Brunch with live bluegrass music? Yes, please. I’m so glad to have discovered Highland Kitchen‘s brunch. The live music is a plus, but the food is just as good as the atmosphere. We’ve been a few times and have really enjoyed everything we’ve tried. Their southern inspired menu has a mix of breakfast and lunch [read more →]

The Painted Burro

I was ecstatic when I first heard that the owners of Posto had a Mexican restaurant in Davis Square in the works. They do wonders with pizza, so I couldn’t wait to see what they would do with Mexican food (and margaritas, of course). I finally made it to The Painted Burro on Tuesday, about [read more →]

Sunday Brunching: Posto

Another Sunday, another brunch at Posto. I’ve written about Posto’s pizza before, but not their brunch that I love so dearly. Their menu has great mix of breakfast and lunch items, including some of their incredible pizzas. They also offer a brunch special for $14.95 that includes a cinnamon roll, a glass of orange juice, [read more →]

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