Because I have such a hard time getting out to exercise in the winter months, I signed up for the Hyannis Half Marathon for motivation. Matt reluctantly agreed to sign up with me, even though he (understandably) wasn’t thrilled about running a winter race. Yesterday wasn’t exactly the miraculous 50-something degree and sunny race-day I [read more →]

Zuppardi’s Apizza

Trying New Haven style pizza has been on my list for quite some time. It seemed easy enough to knock off the list since it’s on the way to New York City and I tend to go there about once a month…except that lately I’ve been traveling by bus. If only BoltBus stopped for New [read more →]

Area Four

I finally made it to Area Four after hearing and reading so many good things about it. I was super intrigued by their pizza dough being made with sourdough starter and their Woodstone oven with three separate heat sources, but would it live up to my beloved Posto? I went in knowing that this wouldn’t [read more →]

Restaurants: American Flatbread

Matt and I kicked off our weekend in Burlington, Vermont with dinner at American Flatbread. I’m usually wary about restaurants with the word “flatbread” in their name (why not just call it pizza?), but a couple of people had recommended it. I figured if nothing else, they have a great beer list. We split two [read more →]

Restaurants: Pizzeria Posto

I have finally found a place to get my Neopolitan pizza fix in the Boston area. Pizzaria Posto, located in Davis Square, is right up there with a lot of the great Neopolitan pizzas I’ve had in New York. (Ok, it’s not as good as Motorino, but what is?) Because the pizza is so top [read more →]

Restaurants: Motorino

I love Motorino. I got really spoiled when I lived next door. As far as I’m concerned, their pizza is perfect. The crust is chewy but lightly charred and quality of the toppings is top notch. I was practically giddy when we went back there last weekend. We went for lunch on Sunday, which is [read more →]

Restaurants: Olio

Do you ever get so behind a restaurant that you don’t want to admit that anything else could possibly be as good? I spend a lot of time at Motorino, a pizza restaurant that is conveniently located next door to my current apartment in the East Village. They turn the simplest ingredients into masterpiece pizzas. [read more →]

Restaurants: Otto

My friends Jess, Sarah, and Katie and I went to Otto on the night before the Santa Margherita event. Otto is one of Mario Batali’s restaurants, but it’s actually pretty casual and quite cheap (especially for New York). It’s basically part wine bar and part pizzeria. The menu is designed for sharing, comprising of a [read more →]

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