Because I have such a hard time getting out to exercise in the winter months, I signed up for the Hyannis Half Marathon for motivation. Matt reluctantly agreed to sign up with me, even though he (understandably) wasn’t thrilled about running a winter race. Yesterday wasn’t exactly the miraculous 50-something degree and sunny race-day I [read more →]

2012 Philadelphia Marathon Recap

I finished my first marathon! The whole thing is still a little surreal, and I’ve been struggling with what to even write about it. First of all, I never thought I would be a marathon runner! I could barely run two miles before I signed up for my first half marathon last year. Now, I [read more →]

I (reluctantly) rolled out of bed bright and early last Sunday morning to run the B.A.A. 10K, the middle race in the B.A.A. Distance Medley. This was my first official 10K race ever, and I was actually really looking forward to it. (That is, up until my alarm went off at 5:45am.) I had been [read more →]

I became hooked on running after the B.A.A. Half Marathon last fall. Training for it was at times torturous, and I even regretted signing up at some points. I could barely run two miles at the time I started. Once I finally built up my endurance and made it through those long training runs, the [read more →]

Matt and I started off our Superbowl Sunday by running the Super Sunday 5-mile race. I somehow got Matt to agree to this even though he had just taken an overnight bus back from NYC. I was also feeling pretty tired since I picked him up at South Station at 5am, so I’m shocked to [read more →]

Finding “your runner” in the NYC Marathon can be a little tricky. Matt and I picked a spot for me to go see him in Brooklyn close to his old apartment (to guarantee I wouldn’t get lost getting there!). We used to go to this sandwich shop called Choice Market that happened to be right [read more →]

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