Cutty’s – The best sandwiches in Boston?

I finally knocked Cutty’s off of my never-ending list of places I need to try in Boston. The problem is that when I find places I love, I keep going back to them and wind up not trying new places. Maybe it’s good that getting to Cutty’s is kind of a trek from Davis.   [read more →]

Restaurants: Firebird Cafe

My 3 month stint working in Burlington, VT was made totally worth it when I discovered Firebird Cafe. Lunch at this bright little sandwich shop always makes my day. The owner is always there, cooking and taking orders. The menu consists mostly of sandwiches and breakfast items, some with a Mexican flair. Everything is fresh, [read more →]

Lobster Sandwiches

My dad brought home some lobster sandwiches from Alive and Kicking Lobsters today. I just had to share how delicious they were… Instead of the standard lobster “roll,” they put the lobster salad on toasted Italian bread. The salad itself was perfect: very little mayonnaise, generous amount of lobster, and perfectly seasoned. Highly recommended if [read more →]

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