The Taste of Greece

My mom visited me in Chicago last weekend and we decided to spend Sunday afternoon at the Taste of Greece in Greektown. Great food, beautiful weather, and plenty of wine – what’s not to love?

We started with some grilled octopus from the Greek Islands restaurant. It was simply marinated in some olive oil and herbs, and then served with a wedge of lemon and some bread to soak up the sauce. Perfection!

Next, we had some mousaka from the Parthenon restaurant. If you’ve never had mousaka, it’s a layered dish (which actually looks like a lasagna) made with eggplant, a meat sauce, and a béchamel sauce. My favorite part about it is the meat sauce, which has kind of an unexpected cinnamon flavor. It’s one of my favorite dishes, and not one I get very often.

We couldn’t resist ending our meal with some loukoumades I saw being fried earlier. I had never had them before, but the people at the Artopolis Bakery described them as pieces of fried dough coated with a honey-cinnamon syrup and topped with sesame seeds. They were phenomenal, of course.

My mom and I washed it all down with a bottle of roditis, which is a greek rosé-colored wine. Here is my mom, the mousaka, and the roditis:

I also snapped some random pictures of the food being cooked as we walked around.

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