Urban Stack, Chattanooga, TN

Matt and I drove from Nashville to Chattanooga with no real agenda. To be honest, the only reason we went was that I didn’t have enough hotel points for a third night in Nashville, but I did have just enough for one night in Chattanooga. I guess we’re cheap!

Our plan ended up working out well because Chattanooga was pleasantly low key, which was just what we needed after our time in Nashville. As a bonus, it seemed to have some pretty good dining options.

We were lucky to arrive on a beautiful night, allowing us to do some wandering before deciding where to eat. We came across a nice looking burger place with an outdoor patio called Urban Stack. Matt was drawn in by the homemade veggie burgers. For me, it was the pimento cheese. I need more pimento cheese in my life!

Matt ordered the Vegan on Shrooms burger, which was a homemade vegan mushroom patty with roasted red pepper, tomato, lettuce, and balsamic onions. He also asked for a fried egg on top (obviously). I tried a teeny bite and thought it was really good. Matt was too enamored by the pickles on the side to comment much on the burger. The pickles were the perfect balance of sweet and spicy – kind of like spicy bread and butter pickles.

The burger combinations on the menu seemed a little overkill to me, so I asked if I could just have a Burger with Pimento Cheese and Benton’s Bacon. Genius combination, if I do say so myself. I noticed the menu said that they cook all of their burgers well-done unless requested “pink.” I went ahead and requested “pink” but it still came out close to well. However, the burger was surprisingly juicy for being almost cooked through.

I loved that they didn’t load up the burger with too much bacon or cheese and that each component shone through. The bun tasted like a homemade version of a typical soft hamburger bun, which I really enjoyed. I particularly loved their pimento cheese; It was a lot fresher and smokier tasting than some versions I’ve had.

We split a couple of sides with our burgers, the first being the Almost Pickled Beets. They tasted exactly how they sound – like beets with a slight vinegary punch. They were a perfect refreshing side with our burgers. Also, how cute is this little mason jar?

We also got the Cucumber and Black Eyed Pea Salad (also in a cute mason jar). This was also light and refreshing, although we both wished it was a little heavier on the black eyed peas.

Our meal at Urban Stack was very good. Most importantly though, I now know I need to make pimento cheese and buy miniature mason jars ASAP.

Urban Stack
12 West 13th Stret
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Urban Stack on Urbanspoon

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