Valentines Day, aka Truffle Fest!

Matt and I had a belated Valentine’s Day dinner last night since I was in DC all week. We both knew we wanted to cook at home instead of going out, so we were trying to think of something extra special to make. We decided to splurge on a truffle! It was totally genius.

We ordered a fresh black perigord truffle online from Mikuni Wild Harvest. Since they’re very perishable, the only shipping option was overnight. So, we ordered it on Thursday night and it arrived promptly on Friday morning.

Bailey was intrigued.

The truffle inside was clearly marked!

After I took out the truffle, Bailey went wild with the box. I guess that was what she was really after.

And there it is. One ounce of pure deliciousness.

Before dinner, I gave Bailey her Valentine’s Day present (yes, I got her a present): a pink toy!

It’s MINE…

(attack mode)

Meanwhile, Matt popped open a bottle of Cava to get the night started.


We made three courses and kept the food really simple so that the truffle would be the star of the meal. Everything turned out amazing. The truffle flavor was actually a lot more subtle than I had anticipated and complimented the flavors in everything else. I’ll post the recipes separately, but here’s a preview:

Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Shaved Truffles

Cauliflower Soup with Truffles and Croutons/a>

Fresh Spaghetti with Truffles, Parmesan, and Butter

I sort of forgot to actually plan dessert. When I was picking up the pasta at Dave’s, I found some salted caramel, chocolate, and pecan clusters that looked insanely good. Then, I remembered that we had a block of dark chocolate in the refrigerator, so I picked up some strawberries thinking I would make chocolate covered strawberries. But then, I forgot to actually make them before we started cooking. Matt came up with these Salted Chocolate Sandwiches instead that we had with the strawberries and clusters on the side.

Instead of trying to pair the wine with the truffle, I just bought a Rioja (our favorite). We absolutely LOVED the Cune Viña Real Reserva that we had in Haro, so I was really excited when I found a crianza Viña Real for a reasonable price. It was really good. It definitely tasted like a more aged Reserva but for a fraction of the price.

It was a great Valentine’s Day. Recipes to follow soon!

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