Weekend in Oklahoma City

I got sent to Lawton, Oklahoma for work for three weeks. It’s been…a culture shock. Things didn’t start out so well: I ran over an armadillo, a large bird splattered on my windshield, I was doing all of my shopping at the Walmart Supercenter, and I had to do my half-marathon training in 105 degree heat. Both my rental car and I were rough shape.

Things got better when Matt arrived for the weekend. We thought it would be interesting to spend a weekend in Oklahoma City – a place we would probably never go otherwise – instead of me flying home to Boston for a day and a half. It wasn’t a spectacular weekend food-wise, but there were a few highlights.


As unlikely as it sounds, Oklahoma City has a “Little Saigon” with some fantastic Vietnamese food. We were really craving some vegetables by Saturday night after a day of bad, greasy bar food.

We decided on Lido Restaurant. I had the Vietnamese Special Thin Vermicelli & Vegetable Platter with Charbroiled Beef. The nicely charred and flavorful beef was served over vermicelli noodles, which perfect for sopping up all of the juices from the meat. It came with shredded carrots, cucumber, lettuce, and a lot of fresh mint. There were also some moistened rice papers served on the side to roll up into spring rolls. It all tasted so fresh, and was a welcome change to the food I had tried in Oklahoma so far.

Matt ordered the Curry Fried Tofu, which he likened to the taste of curry fries. And who doesn’t like curry fries? Overall, it was a very solid meal at Lido.

Lido Restaurant
2518 N Military Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Lido on Urbanspoon

We decided to check out the “famous” Cattlemen’s Steakhouse for breakfast on Sunday morning.

Matt ordered the Scrambled Eggs with Hash Browns. He sprinkled a hefty amount of salt over it, which couldn’t have been a good sign.

He also got a Hotcake on the side. He was convinced it was cooked in butter-flavored oil, like the kind used on movie theatre popcorn.

My Breakfast Steak and Eggs was a more successful dish. The steak was tasty and well seasoned, and the eggs were perfectly runny.

I really could have just eaten the fluffy biscuit that came on the side, dunked in the creamy, peppery gravy, as my breakfast. It was amazing.

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse
1309 S Agnew Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Cattlemen's Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

After Matt left, I was left to my own devices for dinner. So, I wandered back up to Little Saigon to get some Pho.

I ended up at Pho Lien Hoa, which turned out to be an excellent choice. I started with the Fresh Spring Rolls: one of my all time favorite things, ever. They did not disappoint.

Their pho made me wonder why I don’t eat pho every single day of my life. I picked the Pho Tai Gau with rare steak and brisket. I loaded it up with the fresh herbs, crunchy bean sprouts, jalapenos, and lime juice. I was in pure bliss.

Pho Lien Hoa
901 NW 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Pho Lien Hoa on Urbanspoon

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