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Egg in a JarI have been hearing rave reviews from the newly opened West Bridge in Kendall Square. Katie and I paid a quick – and mostly unphotographed – visit several weeks ago for drinks and an appetizer, and were sold immediately when they brought us an amuse bouche of fried chicken skin with malt vinegar aioli. Really, what could be better than fried chicken skin and cocktails? For me, nothing. I knew we would be back.

When we were looking for a happy hour spot a couple of weeks later, West Bridge seemed like the obvious pick.

The sleek and bright restaurant was was pleasantly bustling on that Thursday evening after work, but not so crowded that we couldn’t get a table. Our overly friendly waitress brought us menus and took our drink order right away.

Melon Gazpacho

To our disappointment, there was no fried chicken skin amuse bouche this visit. Instead, they brought us a little glasses of Melon Gazpacho with Basil Oil. It was tasty and refreshing, and at least much lighter than the chicken skin…

Just for reference though, this is the Fried Chicken Skin. Yum.

We were both feeling the small plates on the menu, so we split a few.


The Calamari with Whelks, Cockles, and Sweet 100’s was one of the most delicious and interesting takes on calamari I have had in a long time. The calamari was cut to look almost like noodles, and while they were a little hard to eat, I loved the presentation and the calamari was shockingly tender. The sweet and briny butter sauce was just thick enough to coat the calamari “noodles.” I only wish it was served with bread to soak up the extra.

Egg in a Jar

I couldn’t resist ordering the Egg in a Jar with a Duck Egg, Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Pomme Puree, and Crisp Skin. I’m sort of a sucker for anything served in a cute mason jar, but this would have been a fabulous combination no matter how it was served. The bottom of the jar was filled with smooth, buttery potatoes, which were topped with the runny duck egg, crispy pieces of mushroom, and crispy (chicken?) skin. Digging into the jar allows you craft the perfect bite filled with the flavors and textures from all components.

Peas & Favas

We were able to squeeze in some veggies with the Peas & Favas with Shitake Bacon, Goat Cheese Cream, and Red Quinoa. The crisp-tender fresh peas and favas sat atop a layer of nutty red quinoa, and I was surprised at how well the combination worked. The dish was served with a generous dollop of goat cheese cream, providing some richness and tang, along with some crispy, earthy mushrooms. Despite the simplicity, this dish kept me coming back for more.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

We split the Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich with for dessert. I was surprised that the dish only had one cookie after hearing it described as a “sandwich.” Another cookie would have definitely been welcome, as I tend to gravitate to cookies over ice cream (though the ice cream itself was quite good). The waitress explained that the cookie had been carefully crafted to be chewy but still hold up to the ice cream; It was indeed quite perfect, and I appreciated the high quality of the chocolate. I kind of feel like they just forgot the second cookie?

As we ate dessert, our friend Laura met up with us for another drink. She ordered the mussels – which I did not photograph or taste – but the uni broth had an intoxicating scent that made me want to order the dish next time. She says that she has been raving about West Bridge since.

So, despite the cookie mishap, I can’t wait to go back!

What new restaurants have you been loving lately?

West Bridge
Kendall Square
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02141
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